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The Cast Members “Please Don’t Meet Him” Have Shared Some Key Points

With the premiere of MBC’s new drama “Please Don’t Meet Him”, the cast members have shared some key points for viewers to keep on the lookout for!

There are many reasons why drama fans are anticipating the first episode of “Please Don’t Meet Him.” The series is set to be a refreshing story revolving around the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into daily life, it will feature a talented lineup, and it’s produced by Oh Mi Kyung, who used to produce variety shows.

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Song Ha Yoon plays Seo Ji Sung, who learns secrets about men who should be avoided through her AI refrigerator. She explained that what makes the drama unique is how the characters learn how to be happy and what living a happy life together entails as they meet and interact with each other. She added, “Each character has their own compelling characteristics that I think will delight viewers and make them laugh.”

“Please Don’t Meet Him”

Lee Jun Young plays Jung Gook Hee, a firefighter who is so far removed from technology that he feels totally comfortable without a smartphone. Apart from his onscreen romance with Song Ha Yoon, there is one more aspect to look forward to. He said, “Unlike usual love stories, it is cool to see how AI plays a part in love. It was great to realize that it’s possible to come across plots like this nowadays.”

He added, “On the whole, it will be a bright and refreshing drama.”

“Please Don’t Meet Him”

Yoon Bomi plays Moon Ye Seul, the youngest of the three female friends the story revolves around. She has a unique “womance” with her two friends Seo Ji Sung and Tak Ku Hyun (Gong Min Jung). She is also set to step into a romantic relationship with a self-proclaimed bad guy Han Yoo Jin (Joo Woo Jae).

When asked to comment on the drama’s key point, Yoon Bomi stated, “Each love story that unravels for the three friends has its own allure. Also, I think the refrigerator would cause many interesting things to happen if it were to exist in real life. The refrigerator itself is a key point.”

“Please Don’t Meet Him”

Each actor mentioned different aspects of the drama to be on the lookout for, making it clear that “Please Don’t Meet Him” will charm viewers in many ways. The new drama will premiere on November 10 at 10:40 p.m. KST, with all of its cheerfulness, suspense, and more. In the meantime, don’t forget to catch up with the latest Korean drama news with us every day!

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