The BTS’s upcoming album was boycotted due to a sex scandal!

The BTS’s upcoming album was boycotted because of the sex scandal. Let’s check the details about this scandal right now below! 

Korean netizens are fiercely arguing about BTS‘s upcoming album regarding a song composed by a musician caught up in a sexual assault controversy. On June 10, the world-famous Korean boy group BTS is expected to release “Proof” – the group’s first compilation album marking the 9th anniversary of its public debut.

bts album
BTS is about to release their first compilation album.

With the current influence of BTS, it can be said that “Proof” is one of the most anticipated music products in Korea and globally in 2022. According to the social networking site Weverse, “Proof” will represent history. of BTS, recreating their past efforts as artists active in the entertainment industry for the past 10 years. The “Proof” anthology album consists of 3 CDs with a variety of tracks, including 3 brand new songs – reacting to the members’ thoughts and ideas about their past, present, and future. BTS”, Weverse informed.

However, with less than a month to go, “Proof” is suddenly controversial, even boycotted due to the musician’s song in a private life scandal.

Accordingly, in the recently revealed song list, netizens of ginseng discovered that there was a song “Filter”. This is member Jimin’s solo song, released in 2020. It is worth mentioning here that “Filter” was produced by Bobby Chung – the musician who is being investigated for allegations of sexual assault and secret filming.

bobby chung

BTS’s upcoming album is controversial because it uses a song by musician Bobby Chung.

On social media, many netizens criticized BTS’ management company, HYBE, for including the song on the group’s new album. They said, feeling bad for the boys of BTS because Bobby Chung’s name listed in the album is having a negative effect on the group.

Countless comments expressed harsh attitudes about this issue: “This is not right. I feel disappointed”, “Bobby Chung is causing too much trouble for the members, I feel bad”, “There was a time when BTS fans boycotted the songs that Bobby Chung wrote like right after the scandal was revealed”, “Oh my god, there are many songs that Bobby Chung participated in producing for BTS”, “Real company crazy to still put a song produced by a sexual assaulter like him on an album”, “The management company has lost its mind”, “This looks bad for BTS. God!”…

Besides, many fans stood up for the decision to put “Filter” on the album. Most people believe that each music product created is the work of the whole team, it is not possible for an individual to affect the whole world and others must be punished accordingly. Some comments expressed suspicion that anti-fans intentionally started a controversy to destroy BTS.

BTS is implicated in other’s scandals.

In 2020, the MBC news reported that the family of a young woman named “A” held that her ex-boyfriend, known as “B”, was responsible for her death. The family alleges that “B” drugged, illegally filmed, and sexually assaulted “A”, leading to the young woman taking her own life.

Later that year, rumors surfaced that “B” was the musician and guitarist of the group Autumn Vacation, Bobby Chung. A few months later, it was confirmed that Bobby Chung had been handed over to the prosecutor’s office on May 17, 2021, to investigate the charges of sexually assaulting women and illegally filming “hot” videos.

Bobby Chung (1979) real name is Chung Dae Wook. In addition to Jimin’s “Filter”, this musician also composed many other songs for BTS such as “34340”, “Love Maze”, “Home”, “I’m Fine”, and “Answer: Love Myself”, etc.

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