In the interview for the photo shoot with Elle magazine, Suzy shares about her view on life and her career.

On July 14, Elle magazine released the covers for their August issue starring Suzy, who has been busy working on the film named “Wonderland” and drama named “Startup” (literal translations). In the photos, Suzy looks alluring with her natural makeup and classy outfits. In one cover, Suzy models a black jacket with a long skirt while another photo shows her charismatically modeling a simple dress. Suzy shares about her view on life, her career and her 10th debut anniversary In the interview, Suzy shared about her 10th debut anniversary, which was on July 1. Talking that it felt surreal and shocking that it was already her 10th anniversary, Suzy revealed that she simply thought that she had endured well through the hardships. She explained, “When I think about it, the fans who were young when I debuted have also become adults, so it has been a long time. In the end, I think I was able to do it for 10 years because it’s work I enjoy.” Suzy also shared about her recent change in mindset after turning 27 (by Korean reckoning). She commented, “Before, it was hard to believe that you only live once. It felt like you would be able to live once more. However, starting this year, I’m clearly realizing that life is finite. Everything feels more dear, and a part of me has become more bold.” Suzy's full interview and photo spread will be unveiled in the August issue of Elle magazine. If you want to update the newest, hottest info about South Korean celebrities news please follow our site.