Suzy Bae relationship status 2021: Is Lee Min Ho still the one?

Suzy Bae relationship status 2021: Fans continue to ship “Start Up” star and Lee Min Ho even after the split

Suzy Bae dated Lee Min Ho for 3 years before they called it quits. She reportedly moved on with Lee Dong Wook, another Korean actor but broke up after just four months.

The question is, who is she dating now? Is she even wanting a relationship right now?

Suzy Bae and her relationship with the Boys Over Flowers actor could also be over and finished for 3 years now, but fans still believe they’re truly made for every other.

Suzy Bae started seeing Lee Dong-Wook in 2019 but broke up months after due to their busy work schedules. Some believe this is often an indication that Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho now have an opportunity to rekindle their romance. Especially since after Lee Dong Wook, Suzy Bae is yet to be seen dating another guy.

Lee Min Ho himself remains single. Therefore the hope of fans isn’t that impossible.

After exclusively seeing one another between 2015 and 2018, it’s clear that they’d a robust bond which will probably be rebuilt if given the prospect. Moreover, the important reason behind the breakup remains unclear, but there have been no reports of a 3rd party being involved.

Instead, there have been even reports of them already thinking of marriage – but Lee Min Ho had to serve the military for 2 years, while Suzy Bae’s management agency thought marriage would place the actress’ career in trouble.

If those were the real reasons, things may be different now after years have already passed. Lee Min Ho already served in the military and Suzy Bae is certainly at a more stable age and career position now. If they are doing not reconcile, fans wish to work out them working together in an exceedingly K-Drama a minimum of, given their chemistry.

Suzy Bae 2021: Career fully Swing After “Start Up”

While her sexual practice was colorful through the years, Suzy Bae never stopped working. Despite 2020 being ruined by the COVID-19 pandemic, Suzy Bae was able to star in one of the most-watched Kdramas up to now, Start Up. It aired on Netflix, and Suzy Bae’s acting talent certainly caught the eye of many everywhere in the globe.

Suzy Bae relationship

She recently starred in the movie Wonderland alongside many other notable stars. The film is described as star-studded since, except Suzy Bae; it includes Park Bo Gum, Gong Yoo, Jung Yu Mi, and Choi Woo Shik because the main cast.

Suzy Bae relationship

The movie is ready to be released theatrically in South Korea sometime in April. There are talks of it being released on Netflix after it’s its run within the local theaters so fans everywhere on the planet may enjoy it.

With such a career fully swing, Suzy Bae holding off dating for 2021 may well be understandable, whether or not Lee Min Ho fans still ship them reconciling with one another.

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