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Suzy And Park Sodam Might Be Starring In Upcoming Marvel Film

Suzy And Park Sodam Might Be Starring In Upcoming Marvel Film. An International Outlet Suggested Park So Dam And Suzy Would Make A Great Cindy Moon

In recent times, the American entertainment company Sony Pictures is currently on the process of producing an upcoming Marvel Comics superhero themed film titled Silk. As of the moment, the lead actress of the said films has yet to be announced.

The protagonist character of the said superhero film is a Korean woman named Cindy Moon.

Could Park So Dam or Suzy make a Marvel debut? Only time would tell that but it seems like fans are in favor of their MCU debuts. The discussion about the Parasite star and the Start-Up actress appearing in a Marvel project stemmed from a feature report done by a US publication. Just a few days ago, Variety reported that Marvel superhero Silk could get her own TV series soon. The character, currently owned by Sony, is also known as Cindy Moon and belongs to the Korean-American descent.

In the comics, Cindy is bit by the same radioactive spider, thus transforming her into Silk. However, unlike Spider-Man, Silk was locked up and trained by Ezekiel Sims. Like Spidey, Silk has the ability to shoot webs from her fingers. Following the news of the live-action, Screen Rant listed a number of actresses who could bring the superhero role to life. This included Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tiffany Espensen, Teen Wolf’s Arden Cho and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before fame Lana Condor.

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The international media outlet further explained that Park So-dam to portray Cyndi Moon of Silk would be able to capture Western viewers by leading the TV series alone. The said actress is considered as one of the strong choices in terms of acting ability. She who debuted in the movie Black Priests”, and eventually became known worldwide for winning four Academy Awards by the highly acclaimed film Parasite”. They have also selected Korean celebrity Bae Susie from the girl group Miss A as a strong candidate for the role.

The international media outlet stated that the language barrier is one weakness. However, it won’t be a big problem since there is a lot of time to prepare for the role while the production is still on process. Some have predicted that if there will be no problems with the language barrier, then definitely Park So Dam and Bae Suzy are the strongest suitable actresses to portray Cindy Moon.

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