Suits Korean drama Review

Today, Xenews will show Suits Korean drama Review! Are you excited and expected to this interesting drama? Get ready with Xenews!

The Korean adaptation of the favored American legal drama series with the identical name proves it’s even as competent as its original counterpart from start to end with the gripping story of Go Yeon Woo and Choi Kang Seok.

Suits go to indicate that justice still does prevail – even during this cruel and unfair world.

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BROADCAST DATE: 25 APRIL 2018 – 14 JUNE 2018

Breaking the stereotypical cold and stern demeanor that lawyers have, Suits goes to point out that these people have hearts too – of course, those that have achieved success within the world of courtrooms and settlement are perhaps people who have the largest and softest hearts. It follows the journey of Go Yeon Woo, a genius young man who has been broken and damaged by the trials he had faced in life but still continues to square and fight. And Choi Kang Seok, a prestigious corporate lawyer who may appear sort of a perfect and upright man, but has his own weak points and baggage. The 2 of them, together with the opposite characters within the story, are proof that these people in dapper suits and ties are humans too. they create mistakes, feel pain, yearn to like and be loved, and aim to try and do what they believe is correct – rather like everybody else.



It was very easy to search out ourselves cheering on the drama’s protagonists to emerge victorious every time. Every character incorporates a side that we could relate to and feel for – even Geun Sik (Choi Gwi Ha), who had actually only wanted Jang Dong Gun’s character Kang Seok’s acknowledgment and friendship in spite of everything, despite being a nuisance for the foremost time.

Perhaps it absolutely was Yeon Woo’s bond together with his grandmother, or his determination to prove that hasn’t wasted the possibility he is given, or his amazing photographic memory, or the way he uses his heart in managing the cases given to him – or even all of those reasons play an element in why we just couldn’t stop wishing for Park Hyung Sik’s character’s success and happiness.

Despite being a small amount too harsh on Yeon Woo sometimes, Kang Seok managed to win our hearts too as his cold-hearted front started shedding off and unmasking the sort man within him. It pained us to determine his struggle because of his enemies who would pull all stops just to form sure he went down.

Jin Hee Kyung was able to make the house’s CEO Kang Ha Yeon into the last word girl boss and watching her head of the highest law firm in the Republic of Korea made us feel empowered – especially during the days, she made it clear that nobody else ran Kang and Ham aside from her. Her character made up the Trinity of girl power within the show along with Ms. Hong (Chae Jung An) and therefore the paralegal Kim Ji Na (Ko Sung Hee), who both showed they were capable of standing on their own ground likewise.


The mentor-mentee relationship between Kang Seok and Yeon Woo was over-successful in melting our hearts. Despite Kang Seok’s cold-hearted exterior, it absolutely was evident what proportion he cared for Yeon Woo as if they were blood brothers. Nothing warmed our hearts quite seeing him visit extreme lengths just to guard Yeon Woo, who also did the identical thing for him. Even during difficult times, Kang Seok wholeheartedly took in Yeon Woo as his weakness, and Yeon Woo consistently proved his unquestionable loyalty to Kang Seok – regardless of how risky both got.

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Due to his charms, Park Hyung Sik seems to possess perfect chemistry with anyone he gets paired up with – and Ko Sung Hee isn’t an exception. the 2 blended well together as Yeon Woo and Ji Na, and that they did not make us feel all kinds of giddy whenever they shared a scene.

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We were also lowkey following the interactions of Chae Jung An and Jang Dong Gun’s characters Ms. Hong and Kang Seok as we found ourselves shipping them throughout the drama’s run – so you may just imagine how our hearts felt during the ultimate episodes of Suits!


OMG – that’s all we are able to say about it. Just kidding! The finale of Suits made us feel a rollercoaster of emotions, which is one in every one of the explanations why we might always remember this KBS legal drama!

Suits Korean drama did bring justice to our screen and only followed what was right within the end. We had no idea how we were able to feel happy, proud, and relieved yet sad, distressed, and angry all at the identical time – but we did. Consider yourself warned!


It was admittedly hard to search out something to not love about Suits, but this can be one thing that may pose a controversy for the drama viewers who don’t find maintaining with several sub-stories favorable. Because the tandem handles different cases per episode, there would obviously be lots of characters and faces you’d encounter. There was also quite only 1 sub-story sometimes, especially when Kang Seok and Yeon Woo handled different cases. it absolutely was sometimes difficult to work out who’s who with all the CEOs, directors, and prosecutors that the duo faced in every episode.

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It is reasonable and understandable though, because legal dramas normally handle quite only 1 case during their run. Having different stories and cases every now so keeps legal dramas interesting and brings something unaccustomed forestall to for each episode. Besides, the sub-stories of Suits Korean drama were over interesting and awesome enough to induce you hooked and on the sting of your seat – definitely worthwhile, if you ask us!


Suits Korean drama revolve around the intertwined stories of South Korea’s top corporate lawyer Choi Kang Seok (Jang Dong Gun) and a school drop-out with an amazingly photographic memory named Go Yeon Woo (Park Hyung Sik). After the latter falls into a trap set by a vengeful enemy, goes on the run from authorities, and is mistaken for an applicant at the former’s firm Kang and Ham, his life takes a turn as he gets a chance to line his life straight and to place his talent to good use. Kang Seok hires Yeon Woo as his associate and is adamant to let the young man learn the ropes of the industry despite Yeon Woo failing to fulfill the qualifications needed to be a lawyer and therefore the huge risk it can pose to both the lawyer and also the firm’s reputations. because of that reason, they both keep Yeon Woo’s identity a secret from everyone and must not be revealed to the slightest degree costs.

However, this proves to be easier said than done as they face several obstacles that try and stop them and make several enemies who are determined to bring them down along the way.

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Whether you’re a friend of the first American series or a newcomer to the legal drama’s fandom, you may surely end up drawn to Suits Korean drama due to its compelling storyline and relatable characters. it absolutely was also able to provide a fresh tackle to the first series’ framework and characterizations without overly sticking thereto, which provides everyone something unaccustomed foresee to.

The Korean remake of Suits makes the series it’s own and provides viewers lots of reasons to induce hooked. Mayor not it’s the joys legal dramas bring, the romance that produces us swoon without a fail, the life lessons we learn through the characters, Suits Korean drama is ready to cater to a plethora of elements and make it blend with one another alright in only one show.


“Life will not tell you where the destination is. Therefore, what changes your life isn’t a coincidence, but your choice.”

“You can get hurt and become brokenhearted, but you need to give it time to sort it out and start over again.”

Here is Suits Korean drama Review! Don’t forget to catch up with the latest Korean drama news with us every day!


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