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Stove League wormed its thanks to viewers’ hearts as evidenced by the high viewership ratings throughout its run. the ultimate episode, aired on February 14, recorded the best ratings for the drama. Not surprising, because the audience must have tuned in to determine how their beloved Dreams fared, in the end, they need been through.

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It has a cheerful ending, somewhat bittersweet, but a cheerful ending, nonetheless. Stove League has sixteen episodes focused on the characters and their stories. How each overcame their fears and insecurities to stay with the team and play the game all of them love.

BROADCAST DATE: 13 DEC 2019 – 14 FEB 2020

Nam Goong Min, Park Eun Bin, Oh Jung Se, Jo Byeong Gyu also because the remainder of the cast and crew, all deserve a pat on their backs for employment well-done. Forgiving viewers, baseball and non-baseball fans alike, a high quality and enjoyable drama to look at.


Baek Seung Soo (Nam Goong Min) takes on the position of the head (GM) of Dreams, a pro-league squad. He has the flexibility to revamp sports teams and lead them to championships. However, he also has the reputation of getting those teams disbanded after winning a trophy. Kwon Kyung Min, the nephew of Jaesong (Dreams’ parent company) Group’s Chairman and acting owner of the ballclub, taps Baek Seung Soo’s services with one goal in mind – Dreams’ dissolution.

The team has been at the underside of the standings for the last four years, despite the abilities and potentials of the players. Coming in at a team with such low morale, Baek Seung Soo meets lots of antagonisms. The criticisms and obvious resentments don’t deter the new GM, instead, he proves himself. With the assistance of Operations Manager Lee Se Young (Park Eun Bin) and staff Han Jae Hee (Jo Byeong Gyu), they show the skeptics that Dreams include a bright future sooner than them.

However, Kwon Kyung Min does everything to face in Baek Seung Soo’s way and goes all intent on ensuring his failure. After butting heads and upending one another, both soon realize they’re good at what they are doing. In the end, their actions benefit Dreams yet as themselves.



Watching Stove League doesn’t require an enormous knowledge about the game. Baseball served because the backdrop and a few (especially non-fans) would find the numbers and terminologies quite daunting. Looking past the statistics and therefore the lingo, there are endearing characters viewers cheered on and rooted for.

Nam Goong Min proved another time that he’s a master of his craft. He was ready to depict Baek Seung Soo’s eccentricities and vulnerabilities. Behind the emotionless and easy façade, Baek Seung Soo was hurting inside. Haunted by guilt over his brother’s injury which confined him to a wheelchair, Seung Soo became withdrawn.

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When the loss of their child shattered the family he tried to make, and he and his spouse ended up in divorce, he turned to his work, did the simplest he could to the purpose of ruthlessness. When his job exposed him to the cruelty and uncertainty of the sports world, he tried so hard to not form any attachments. All of those are normal reactions of somebody who has been more mature lots.

Oh Jung Se as Kwon Kyung Min was as convincing. Viewed because the “bad guy” mainly thanks to his desire to impress and please the rich side of his family, particularly his uncle who is that the Chairman. He did mostly the dirty works to the purpose people loathe him. i favor how the drama redeemed his character. While he might not be ready to undo the items he did, he was ready to get up for himself within the end. He was ready to realize he has the capabilities to succeed on his own, without his relatives’ interventions.

Park Eun Bin depicted a robust character in Lee Se Young. Despite the challenges she faced and would still encounter, she thrived on her position. it absolutely was tough, but Lee Se Young proved she is capable as Dreams’ Operations Manager. Jo Byung Gyu also shone as Han Jae Hee, the guy people always thought got back through nepotism. Perhaps there was a hoop of truth behind the rumor but people can see what quantity he values his position which Dreams can calculate him.

The supporting characters all added substance to the already meaty narrative that viewers couldn’t help but connect with them. Each has defined their essence to the story making their existence believable and necessary.

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The actors in Stove League have such a lot of great material to figure on, and combined with their talents, viewers are gifted with a gorgeous, human-centric drama. I like how the series tackled the backstories of the characters. It made them so real, it felt like they’re people we get to interact with daily or someone we all know.

That scene where Baek Seung Soo cried while holding Kil Chang Joo’s baby was so impactful. it absolutely was established from the get-go that Baek Seung Soo has such a lot of emotional baggage, but as viewers, we don’t really know the way heavy that’s. His breaking down before of individuals he barely knew gave viewers a glimpse of what proportion he lost and the way his pain ran deep.


You forestall to every episode desirous to know what happens next. The battle of wills between Baek Seung Soo and Kwon Kyung Min particularly stood out. it’s clear both were just fighting for the items they believed in. it absolutely was fun to observe each time they clash and one besting the opposite. They fueled each other’s passion to be the most effective at what they are doing.

While baseball offered the link between the characters, the series made bound to tell their stories. I like that Stove League focused more on the items that went on behind the scenes. It gave viewers a glimpse of the action of the sphere. There was great execution with the story’s progression, the character developments, and connection of plot points that there have been no dull moments.


Stove League was definitely quite just a drama centered on a sport. It took viewers to an area where some are given a chance to seem into. Oftentimes, as fans, we only see the action up front and have a tendency to merely ignore what goes on behind. no matter the sports, as fans we get so passionate.

We blame the coaches when players hurt themselves on the court or on the sector. Once trade rumors spread and it involved our favorite player, we cursed at the management. once they don’t get their playing time or end their contracts and signed up with another team, we get angry at the corporate and therefore the people working in it. We overlook that plenty of efforts and negotiations happen before things get done.

The drama just reminded us that the items we see on the surface are just a fraction of the whole process. Both will be said with sports or life. We forget that the people we regard granted and simply pass judgment on are masses, too. those who bear ordeals we are able to only imagine.

They are folks that want the identical things we do. they require to measure a contented life and do the items they like to do. there’s nothing wrong in desperate to achieve success. However, if it means compromising your moral compass or letting people walk everywhere you, then it’s really not worthwhile.

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Failures and hardships provide humans with a special perspective. Some may hand over while others would still fight. Those on the verge of letting go or has completely surrendered only need a touch push. Encouragement from someone they might trust and rely upon. an individual who would give them the chance to try to do things accordingly.

Through their parent company achieved the final word goal of selling the team, Dreams have a brighter future sooner than them. With a solid line-up of players and a powerful management team, they need a well-lit road to success. It took ages and lots of painful experiences, but Dreams have gotten there. the longer term is uncertain, that much is true. But with all their diligence, that coveted trophy is just about in their hands.

Life will throw us curve balls. it should take us some bases before getting back on the house plate. But it doesn’t mean we can’t. we are going to make mistakes every now so. we’ll face situations where we’ve to create tough decisions. But, unlike baseball, where three strikes mean you’re out, life will strike us multiple times. it’s up to us whether we stop swinging and choose a walk or focus to hit that home run.

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