‘Stalker’ Series canceled?

‘Stalker’ Series canceled? CBS axed season 2 for its low ratings; show replaced by “CSI:Cyber”

The CBS drama Stalker is rumored to be canceled before it even reaches its season 2 premiere. The series may need attracted several viewers but it’s still rumored to be axed out even before its pilot season finale.

Premiered Oct. 1, 2014, the crime drama “Stalker” could be a 22-episode series that tells the story of LAPD’s Threat Assessment Unit’s work, a bunch of individuals investigating stalking cases. The series stars Mariana Klaveno, Victor Rasuk, Maggie Q, and Dylan McDermott.

Will this Maggie Q/ McDermott- fronted TV series survive Season 2? Or will it get canceled?

GameNGuide previously predicted that “Stalker” encompasses a 50/50 chance of being renewed for Season 2 by CBS. On what was presumed to be a 22-episode ended two episodes short, which does not bode well for a renewal.

Sources from the website also claim that the ratings of “Stalker” were slowly dropping because the show progressed. It didn’t help that other crime shows from CBS were taking the spotlight.

On Dec. 5 last year, CBS decided to finally replace the Wednesday slot of “Stalker” to offer a way for “CSI: Cyber” on March 4. The network might need to order a full but only 17 episodes aired. There should be three or four more episodes left to travel before the season finale

Since CBS has not scheduled a final timeslot for the remainder of the remaining episode of “Stalker” at the time of reporting, many took this as an indication that season 2 is canceled. Fans will still need to look ahead to further announcements.

As of Feb. 20, although CBS might not have given a final schedule for the airing of the last three episodes of season 1, the production seems to be ongoing and therefore the cast members are still in joyfulness.

Will the upcoming episodes save “Stalker” season 2 from being canceled? Fans will just wait and see.

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