Song Kang shared about filming “Sweet Home”

Song Kang shared about filming “Sweet Home,” his habits, and more while graced in a photoshoot with Marie Claire. 

Song Kang is currently busy filming the new tvN drama “Navillera” (literal title), where he plays a young man that develops a close bond with an old man over ballet. He wrapped up filming for two other projects earlier this year, the series “Sweet Home” and “Love Alarm 2,” and Song Kang said he’s waiting to see how they’ll turn out.

He shared, “I’m always thinking about whether there were any parts I didn’t act out well or whether I conveyed the emotions well. There’s not much time left until ‘Sweet Home’ premieres, and I’m the most curious about how it will turn out, because the show uses a lot of CGI and I performed most of my scenes while looking at a green screen.

He said that it was difficult to act with the green screen, but he was helped by the occasional use of real makeup and the realistic set. “It was such an amazing set that I would arrive 20 to 30 minutes earlier and just sit there, letting myself slip into the story,” he said.

Pic 1 - Song Kang shared about filming “Sweet Home”

When asked what makes him excited, he also replied, “I like being on set. It gives off its own energy. When I’m on set, I forget that I’m tired and get into a good mood so I run around on my own.

On the other hand, he said, “There are also days that I feel the blues. If I’m home watching a drama on one of those days, I sometimes start crying at one of the lines. When I feel the passion, despair, or sincerity behind what’s said, I’m brought to tears.

Pic 2 - Pic 1 - Song Kang shared about filming “Sweet Home”

Song Kang spoke with Marie Claire three years ago, and back then he said that he likes to imagine the future. His dream was to spend time drinking tea in his home out in the middle of nowhere. Now, three years later, not much has changed. He shared, “I imagine myself starting off the day in a good mood as I wake up in some remote spot, stretch as I enjoy the fresh air, and have a coffee. It also motivates me to do well now so that I can achieve that.

Song Kang also talked about why he values alone time. He explained, “I enjoy the little things. Being an actor is not the most stable job out there. I think that’s why I imagine a life that is stable and peaceful. There’s also a side of me that likes spending quiet time alone.

He shared that he needs that alone time and said, “That’s why I’ve been putting my phone on silent so I don’t get distracted. It’s become a habit now. Without alone time, I get very stressed.

Song Kang said that lately he reads books because he doesn’t want to think about anything. He shared that he’s very into mystery novels, and he reads them before he goes to sleep. “I have to do that to relax,” he explained.

The interviewer expressed their surprise over Song Kang reading mystery novels to relax. He explained, “It’s okay because I enjoy it when I’m reading, and then I forget everything once I close the book. When I first started living on my own in Seoul, I’d leave the television on when I slept because I hated the loneliness and emptiness. It became a habit, and then I’d always wake up in the morning with a headache. So instead of the television, I started leaving a meditation app on or reading before I go to sleep, and it made me feel light and happy the next day. That’s how I ended up getting into the habit of reading.

He closed off the interview by recommending his current read, “A Stranger in the House” by Shari Lapena.

Pic 3 - Song Kang shared about filming “Sweet Home”

Song Kang shared about filming “Sweet Home” and his habits on Marie Claire. Don’t forget to catch up with the latest Korean Entertainment News with us every day!


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