Song Joong Ki’s net worth in 2021, after his divorce from Song Hye Kyo in 2019

Will Song Joong Ki’s net worth in 2021 makes you amazing? Did his divorce with Song Hye Kyo back in 2019 put a dent in his assets and wealth?

Song Joong Ki’s net worth revealed

Song Joong Ki was estimated to own $1 million in his name in 2020. Therefore, Song Joong Ki’s net worth 2021 is often assumed to be a minimum of this amount or beyond it.

It is often easily surmised that he has massive wealth for all the well-loved projects he has been a part of. There are even reports of him being the highest-paid actor, especially since most of his films are those placed on Netflix for people around the world to determine.

Song Joong Ki's net worth

His film,Space Sweepers took the amount one spot on Netflix in various countries when it debuted. because the first South Korean space sci-fi film, it had been alleged that costs to hold out the filming reached $20 million (around P970,000,000). These massive costs hinted that Song Joong Ki is given a handsome paycheck.

Subsequent movies A Werewolf Boy and “the Battleship Island” did so well yet, so it’s easy to imagine what proportion he earned from them.

Apart from his movies, he earns nicely too from his K-dramas and endorsement deals. None of his K-dramas to this point flopped; the bulk gained worldwide popularity, which implies he made lucrative earnings from them. consistent with reports, Song Joong Ki is paid a minimum of $50,000 (around P2,400,000 won) per K-drama episode. This makes him one of the highest-paid actors in Korea. If a season has 16 episodes, doing the maths can make anyone gasp at the ultimate salary figure

Song Joong Ki's net worth

Vincenzo is currently one of the highest shows to observe on Netflix nowadays, and while it’s unknown what quantity he made up of this show, it can only be assumed that it’s big.

Song Joong Ki's net worth

His iconic Descendants Of The Sun (DOTS) certainly made him earn plenty. Normally, in South Korea, it’s usual for high-rating K-dramas to receive investments from companies that appreciate the show. this suggests talent fees can increase more with each impressive episode. It must be noted that the show was even sold at $100,000 (around P4,800,000) per episode to Japan. All of those earnings should have trickled all the way down to Song Joong Ki’s earnings.

Did Song Hye Kyo divorce affect Song Joong Ki’s wealth?

Speaking of DOTS, it must be remembered that it’s through this show that Song Joong Ki found Song Hye-Kyo to be his ideal girlfriend, and, unfortunately, the said match in heaven for several fans, didn’t last. They filed for a divorce in 2019. Fans were shocked but cannot do anything about it.

Their divorce means they need to speak about net worth and assets. His wife, Song Hye Kyo is additionally one of the highest paid actresses within the country and since she has been within the business far longer, her net worth is even over Song Joong-Ki’s net worth in 2029.

According to E!, at the time, Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki haven’t been married that long before calling it quits. this suggests the property they were ready to acquire together or people who may be considered conjugal.

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