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Song Joong Ki in talks lead in mafia-themed series ‘Vincenzo’

Song Joong Ki is in talks lead in mafia-themed series ‘Vincenzo’. He is reviewing the offer.

On July 2, a report came out that the actor will star in tvN’s upcoming mafia-themed series and has had a meeting with the drama’s director in the previous week. In response, an official from Song’s agency, HISTORY D&C, shared, “Song Joong-ki is reviewing (the offer) to star in the new drama Vincenzo.”

Song Joong Ki in talks lead in mafia-themed series ‘Vincenzo’ - Reviewing the offer

Vincenzo will follow the story of Park Joo Hyung, who is adopted by an Italian family at the age of eight and goes to Italy, changing his name to Vincenzo Casano. He becomes a lawyer and works as an advisor of the mafia. He is known for his skills in negotiation and his rather cool demeanor. When a mafia war erupts, he flees to South Korea, where he falls for a headstrong lawyer, Hong Cha Young.

If he accepts, Song will play the character Vincenzo Casano. This will be his return to the TV projects in almost a year after Arthdal Chronicles, where he played a main role alongside actress Kim Ji Won. Song Joong Ki was originally scheduled to film this year for the show’s second season, but because of the pandemic, the production team has postponed the filming.

Song Joong Ki in talks lead in mafia-themed series ‘Vincenzo’ - Arthdal Chronicles

His other film Bogota has also rescheduled filming due to restrictions in Colombia due to the ongoing health crisis, but its production team has shared plans of pushing through next year. Recently, he has announced his decision to step down from another upcoming film, Season of You and Me, “due to unexpected scheduling conflicts because of the pandemic,” as relayed by his agency.

In early June, actress Jeon Yeo Bin (Be Melodramatic) has also shared having received an offer to play the female lead in Vincenzo. To date, no confirmation from the actress’ side has been reported.

Vincenzo will be directed by Kim Hee-won, who is behind Money Flower (2017) and The Crowned Clown (2019). It will be penned by Park Jae-bum, who also wrote other popular series such as Good Doctor (2013) and The Fiery Priest (2019).

While Song Joong Ki in talks lead in mafia-themed series ‘Vincenzo’, other details of the cast and production are still awaiting confirmation. 



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