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Son Ye Jin, Jun Ji Hyun & Top Female Fashion Icons In K-Dramas

Top Female Fashion Icons In K-Dramas made their characters unforgettable because of both their amazing acting skills and their trailblazing sense of style.

High Fashion Queen: Jun Ji Hyun

Son Ye Jin - Top Female Fashion Icons In K-Dramas

The first actress that comes to mind when it comes to stylish drama appearances has to be Jun Ji Hyun. She had one of the most memorable characters in “My Love from the Star”: Chun Song Yi, an over-the-top star who thinks she’s the most beautiful person in the world. That’s because she is, and her style is still impressive to this day. Jun Ji Hyun made heads turn once again as the mermaid-turned-ultra-stylish-human Shim Cheong in “The Legend of the Blue Sea.” We can’t wait to see her make a fashionable return to dramas again!

Classic Beauty: Son Ye Jin

Classic Beauty: Son Ye Jin - Top Female Fashion Icons In K-Dramas

Son Ye Jin captured a captain’s heart as well as ours in “Crash Landing on You” as Yoon Seri with her cold exterior yet kind heart. Given her background as a rich chaebol daughter who made it big when she built her very own company, Seri is dressed to the nines in corporate wear and everyday glam. She was forced to dress it down, however, when she unexpectedly landed in North Korea! But no matter what she wears, Son Ye Jin still remains a classic beauty that radiates on and off-screen!

Modern Chic: Lee Da Hee

Lee Da Hee captured everyone’s attention when she made “Beauty Inside” and “Search: WWW” her very own runways with her contemporary and fashion-forward looks. From head to toe, she radiated confidence as characters that know what they want and get it! Even more noticeable are her impeccable accessories like hats, statement earrings, and layered necklaces that amplified her outfits!

Timeless Style: IU

IU brought the character of Jang Man Wol to life in “Hotel Del Luna” with her heart-wrenching acting and perfect vintage-style looks. In the drama, she lived in different decades for thousands of years, and along with it she wore different outfits from golden eras. It was something that many viewers were delighted to see: how will Man Wol transform next? Whether it’s old school or modern styles, IU carried each outfit perfectly while keeping true to her character and not letting the outlandish outfits distract viewers from the story.

Power Dresser: Park Min Young

Office style doesn’t have to mean boring, and that’s what Park Min Young demonstrated in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” and “Her Private Life.” She complemented her matching suits with feminine pieces and switched it up with unexpected bright colors that made her stand out. Her best accessory? Her sweet, alluring smile.

Punk Princess: Kim Da Mi

Punk Princess: Kim Da Mi

Kim Da Mi is the epitome of punk, rock, and street style as Yi Seo in “Itaewon Class.” She’s smart, young, ambitious, and ready to conquer the world. This reflected in her uniform of leather jackets, killer sunglasses, and her signature two-toned hair.

Trendsetter: Moon Ga Young

Trendsetter: Moon Ga Young

Fresh face and rising K-drama actress Moon Ga Young definitely shone in “Tempted” and “Find Me in Your Memory” with her outfits that look elegant and well-put-together. She is definitely one of the newer actresses to watch!

Effortless Chic: Shin Min Ah

Shin Min Ah plays a photographer in “Tomorrow with You.” Her job entails moving around and mostly working outdoors, which is why her style is minimal, simple, comfortable yet incredibly chic. Key items included jeans, scarf, simple dresses, and neutral shades. Who knew jeans and white polo could look that good? She teaches us that less is definitely more!

Fierce Fashionista: f(x)’s Krystal

Fierce Fashionista: f(x)’s Krystal -Top Female Fashion Icons In K-Dramas

Krystal played a goddess in “Bride of the Water God” in another world – that’s why in modern times her style is very regal and fit for a heavenly beauty with flowy dresses and sophisticated outfits that made everyone awestruck.

Glamorous Vibe: Lee Sung Kyung

Glamorous Vibe: Lee Sung Kyung -Top Female Fashion Icons In K-Dramas

Lee Sung Kyung definitely knew how to make an entrance in “Cheese in the Trap” with her bold, colorful, and mismatched fashion choices that she pulled off really well. She may have portrayed a spoiled, overly dramatic character but her unique, trendy styles are definitely a must-watch!

These is Top Female Fashion Icons In K-Dramas. Which K-drama fashion icon is your favorite? Who else is bringing their style game in K-dramas? Let us know in the comments below!




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