Everything you need to know about Son Seung Won

Everything you need to know about Son Seung Won. This information made netizens surprised and amazed. Are you expected to this?

Who is Son Seung-won?

Song Seung-won may be a South Korean actor who gained immense popularity since he played a job within the drama Age of Youth. he’s also a musical actor, and was the youngest Korean actor within the music production of Hedwig and therefore the Angry Inch, back in 2013.

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Son Seung-won’s Profile

Son Seung-won was born on June 29th, 1990, in Seoul, an Asian nation. He began his career as a musical actor. His television debut was in 2014 when he took a component in an exceedingly special drama called We All Cry Differently. His fame began to grow when he appeared in Age of Youth playing a supporting role. Recently, he’s become more popular for starring in Welcome to Waikiki, where he finally got his first leading role. People have also noticed him as Song Joong-ki’s junior since they are available from an identical agency.

Name: Son Seung-won
Occupation: Actor and musical actor
Date of Birth: June 29th, 1990
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Star sign: Gemini
Blood type: AB
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Agency: Blossom Entertainment
Education: Seoul Institute of the Humanities – Department of Acting
Years active 2009-present

Son Seung-won’s Filmography

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Drama Series
Welcome to Waikiki (2018) – JTBC
Hello, My Twenties! 2 (2017) – JTBC
Person Who Gives Happiness (2016-2017) – MBC
Hello, My Twenties! (2016) – JTBC
My Lawyer, Mr. Jo (2016) – KBS2
Hello Monster (2015) – KBS2
Healer | Heelreo (2014-2015) – KBS2
Love & Secret (2014-2015) – KBS2
Drama Special: We All Cry Differently (2014)
GLove (2011)

Son Seung-won in Age of Youth and His Character’s Relationship

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In this drama, he played the role of Im Sung-min, who is Park Eun-bin’s friend and love interest. Many of this drama’s viewers root for them and that they love this couple. However, in season 1, he didn’t find himself with Song Ji-won (Park Eun-bin), which made the viewers frustrated and sad. the attractive friendship between these characters eventually continues in season 2. The character’s relationship grew even stronger, although, by the tip of the drama, people failed to get the scene where they officially became a pair. In an interview, Park Eun-bin and Son Seung-won said that the 2 of them actually got married and had a daughter, but Song Ji-won died at a young age and left her a widow, as people can see from the epilogue and teasers of several episodes.

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