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As Lee Jae In (Ha Seok Jin) sedated my grieving heart from Scarlet Heart Ryeo, it pushed me back to meaningful existence together with his sweet smile and steamy gazes. This amazingly done rom-com darted cheesy and predictable. Even now I still wonder how I got so addicted to everything so unadorned about it.

Main Cast: Ha Seok Jin | Jeon So Min
Network & Episode Count: Oksusu
Streaming Site: Viki

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Quick Review

Plot Trajectory: Consistently engrossing with a sweet ending
Plot Pace: Nicely-done
Character Portrayal: On-screen chemistry of love pairing at its best
Writing: Remarkably penned full of heart-fluttering moments
Watch on a binge or intervals?: Either choices apply
Crowning Moments: Swift & Sweet Story-telling |
Romance/Addictive Meter: 5/5
Overall Rating: 4/5
Rewatch Value: 5/5
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Something About 1 Percent Peak Points + Musings

Swift and Sweet Story-telling

With its swift format following how web dramas usually are, it managed to totally explore the story with each closing chapter, and that’s a feat hard to take care of given the limited minutes for online dramas. The lead couple’s chemistry is spot-on in delivering those knee-weakening scenarios courtesy of the dapper lead man and therefore the spirited heroine. it’ll make any girl squeal on her pillow because the drama generously displayed heart-fluttering scenes every chance they’ll get.

I swear you’ll be able to feel how melting the kisses were by Jae In and it literally crosses the screen straight to your parted lips. *giggles For people who religiously follow Korean dramas, we all understand how the trend is for the lip-lock scene — fish-like and boring, so be prepared for strings of whoa! and kyaaa! on those extended smooching frames because Ha Seok Jin and Jeon So Min know the way to feast on the romantic ride and can put you on a lovestruck-fangirl-trance and switch your eyeballs to hearts. *kkk

Predictable plot Overshadowed by Endearing Couple

The premise of contract relationship has tendencies to overkill rom-com tropes if not executed with the correct amount of affection chemistry progression. What made me hook on the story of Da Hyun and Jae In was how their romance happened like how it should be – by sharing conversations, bickering, and meaningful events.

They are on a transparent agreement that strings won’t be attached only to succumb to the emotion that sprung because they willingly involved time to spend with each other. They were intending to not cross the wall they set initially, only to be stuck on the truth of how binding shared memories may be in an exceeding relationship.

Something About 1 Percent is brilliant in creating simple situations for the most leads and turning them into cohering pieces that fulfilled a surprising love narrative. The vibrancy of the heroine’s character complements the mercurial temperament of the lead man resulting in a captivating yin-yang romance.

It was refreshing to feel a romance drama that’s not fortified with misplaced conflicts and negative vibes. it’s going to not be that polished or creatively conceived with twists and turns and top actors which will make such a romantic drama spree amazing. But it’s with the heartfelt and pure storytelling that made me pick it as my favorite 2016 K-Drama Rom-Com.

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Series Afterthoughts

There was no special frosting and the extraordinary premise that Jae In and Da Hyun went through to arrive at this moment after they realized they love one another. They were just there letting love happen through their shared memories.

The simplicity of the romantic narrative won me over. It made me reminisce about those unadulterated girl crushes I had after I was younger. Something About 1 Percent engrossed me because the love progression came in so naturally and sweet. Something that pierced those old love memories I had after they weren’t yet nightmares. *chuckles

Focusing on the sparks and connection was what was so efficient during this love chronicle. The conflict thrived as to whether the loving couple will disregard their feelings toward one another after the connection contract; or surrender to every other, make the link real and face together the varying world they need – armed with their steadfast love.

It may be due to the consistent candied tone, the sigh-inducing kisses, the committed on-screen relationship of the actors, and also the nicely-paced, yet crisp storyline that made the series such an enthralling treat for K-drama fans this year.

I can’t count the ways what quantity I prefer it anymore. But one thing is, of course, I will be able to miss the earnest love couple who accidentally found romance within the most remote possibility ever. A fine-looking story sometimes doesn’t have to be elaborated. It may be as simple because it can get if we will feel the heartfelt love flowing.

Love doesn’t ever happen in a rapid. You’d be lucky if you recognize it happening at the instant.

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