Rare instances in which idol actors smoked on screen for a role

From martial arts to horse riding, dancing and singing, there are various things actors must learn for the films they are cast in. At times actors have to even smoke cigarettes for the characters' image despite not smoking in real life.

This goes for actors who are also K-pop idols. These days, K-Pop idols are multi-talented entertainers as they show exceptional skill acting on top of their amazing singing and dancing. These idol actors shed their K-Pop image on the screen and perfectly take on the image of the character by even learning to smoke.

So here are some of the K-pop idol actors who are shown smoking on screen.

1. EXO's D.O.

D.O. played a role of a delinquent in the film 'Room No.7.' In the film, D.O is seen smoking cigarettes in multiple instances to deepen delinquent the image of Tae Jung, who is a part-timer who works at a DVD room store where a corpse is found.

2. IU

IU previously starred in the short film series 'Persona' in which she was the female lead in four short movies with each a different plot. In one of the 'Persona' films, IU had to portray the image of a high school girl who secretly shares a cigarette with her friend.

3. SHINee's Minho

SHINee's Minho played the lead male role in the film 'Derailed' alongside Ma Dong Seok. Minho played the role of Jin Il, a teen runaway who lives with other runaway teenagers like a family and works a part-time job. The story unfolds as the teenage runaways try to scam money from a middle-aged man, but one of them ends up being kidnapped.

4. Suzy

Suzy briefly appeared as a cameo to the film 'Real'. Although she appeared for a few brief seconds, she left such an impression as many netizens quickly discovered that it was Suzy covered in tattoos.

5. TVXQ's Yunho

TVXQ's Yunho appeared smoking in his recent solo music video, which was filmed like a movie. Yunho leaves a strong impression as a mobster as he appears smoking in the rain.

6. Super Junior's Donghae

Super Junior's Donghae appeared in the film 'The Youth', which premiered in 2014. He played the role of a delinquent high school student and had to film smoking in the bathroom.

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