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Today, Xenews will show So I Married An Anti Fan Review! Are you excited and expected to this interesting drama? Get ready!

It’s absurd when just a moment ago you were just a standard journalist working late night hours at an entertainment agency, and also the very next minute you discover yourself caught in an extreme scandal with the highest music star. Isn’t it a small amount mystifying?

Of course, it is! And that’s the explanation why it’s enjoyed by almost every other K-Drama fan.

Main Cast: Choi Tae Joon, Choi Soo Young, Hwang Chang Sung, Han Ji An

Streaming Sites: iQiyi | Viki

Romantic/Addictive Meter: 5/5

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Rewatch Value: 4/5

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So I Married An Anti-Fan Quick Plot Recap

Hoo Joon could be a top music artist, and Lee Geun Young could be a young magazine reporter, who both attend a club opening event. During the event, she witnesses Hoo Joon’s violent behavior and he catches her prying red-handedly. When she accidentally vomits at him, the mutual rage escalated especially when Hoo Joon thought she was a paparazzi.

Geun-young’s life apparently can still hit super the lowest. After getting fired from her job, she also earned the ire of Hoo Joon’s fandom.

Catching an excellent deal of media attention, a producer approached her about participating in a very reality show that was centered around the celebrity living along with his anti-fan.

Unemployed and homeless Geun-young, jumps up at the chance. At the identical time, Hoo Joon also accepts the project so as to enhance his own image.

When the shooting for the show starts, both of them try their best to provide each other a tough time, only to seek out themselves falling head over heels for every other.

So I Married An Anti-fan Peak Points

Hooking Narrative

Before you knew it, a peek of 1 or two episodes would transform an accidental binge-watch. The series’ upbeat tone even when showing conflicts interestingly causes you to happy.

As rom-com stories are well-represented in K-Dramaland, it’s easy for viewers to appreciate if the story is dragging. Thus, viewers would appreciate the surprises inserted into the plot to stay the energy flowing.

Notably, it made certain to give redeeming moments to the characters who caused the conflicts within the story. While the character development of the lead pairing was palpable, it failed to reach some extent where you’re feeling just like the supporting cast wasn’t a part of the image in the least.

From Joon’s manager to Geun-young’s best buddies, you’ll be able to remember the tiny and supporting actors who made an appearance within the series.

Saccharine Scenes

Past the misunderstandings, when love mutually hit Geun-young and Hoo Joon, they frolic in romance fully blast. So, if you’re heartbroken and you watch it, you may get cured or the pain may be worsened. *chuckles

Plenty of sweet tricks in his sleeve, Hoo Joon delighted us in those parade of mushy but squeal-inducing kisses. He totally won us over in his offering event.

Lee Geun Young’s quirky personality

Choi Soo Young plays the character of Lee Geun Young, a magazine reporter, who gets fired after making it within the headline. She is poor and doesn’t have the simplest network – making the character quite relatable. Despite living a difficult life, she is crammed with a good sense of humor that’s funny and cute at the identical time.

Best Friends Turned Enemies

This trope has been observed in many k-dramas including The Heirs, and True Beauty to list some.

Jae Joon and Hoon Joon were accustomed be close-knit friends before Hoon Joon refused to hitch JJ’s company that his father was buying for him. this might are this easy if the character of Oh In-hyung didn’t exist. The three accustomed be the most effective trio but when Hoo Joon decides to pursue his own career at the agency that nurtured him, their ties were severed.

Adding to it, In-hyung who chose to affix JJ’s company accustomed be Hoo Joon’s cherished person. However, she becomes Jae-joon’s woman. While Hoo Joon’s career takes wing, the 2 still have yet to flourish their career.

So I Married An Anti-Fan Series Musings

Considering my schedule, So I Married An Anti-Fan is one of the three series that I want to watch weekly. The storyline and therefore the amazing work of the actors left me awestruck whenever.

Apart from the very fact that it kept me so engrossed while watching the series, I actually enjoyed the lively vibe it had throughout. Relaxing, funny, and consoling storytelling just made me even more excited for the upcoming episode, especially when the previous one ended on a cliffhanger – all I hoped was for a cheerful ending for both of the couples within the drama.

To be very honest, is one of the few, amazing drama series that kept me engaged to the top. Sometimes by the midpoint, it feels as if the story is simply being dragged. But during this series, there wasn’t one moment after I felt demotivated to continue watching it.

With a breath-taking mixture of comedy, romance, friendship, romance, jealousy, and plenty more, the journey with Geun-young’s and Hoo Joon’s is that the best rom-com I’ve got watched to this point. – Mc_zehra.29

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A surprise rom-com treat I never expected

Given the long stay up for this series, it’s my loyalty to iQiyi actually that made me peek at So I Married An Anti-Fan. Before I noticed it, I’m already enjoying the ride.

Most of the highly-anticipated series this season barely made me happy. Thus, it absolutely was really a present to follow this predictable, sweet, and nicely portrayed series.

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