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SM Entertainment’s aespa Shows To Be A Monster Rookie As They Successfully Enter The Music Charts In 95 Countries

SM Entertainment’s rookie girl group aespa showed their explosive popularity as soon as they made their debut.

Aespa released their debut song “Black Mamba” through various music sites on November 17 at 6 PM KST. The girl group also unveiled their music video.

The reaction to their debut was very positive and hot. In just one day of its release, the song entered the music charts in 95 different countries. This number includes the apple music charts in 93 countries and the iTunes charts in 48 countries.

The global interest in the girls was anticipated. “Black Mamba” surpassed 20 million views as of 5 PM on November 18th with as many 277,100 comments on the YouTube video.


“Black Mamba” is a powerful dance genre song with the signature synthesizer sound and intense bass. The catchy melody becomes a spell that has mesmerized many listeners around the world.

The lyrics sing of the virtual world in which the members of aespa and their avatars will explore and become connected together. The story tells of the antagonist, the “Black Mamba,” that threatens the girls and interferes with the connection between aespa and their avatars.

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Aespa was praised as they were able to show the clear colors of SM Entertainment through the consultation with overseas agencies. An official from SM Entertainment stated they expect to make a bigger impact in the international market through this girl group.

Meanwhile, Aespa is a combination of the word ‘ae’ meaning ‘Avatar and Experience’ combining the English word ‘Aspect.’

Aespa is the first new girl group by SM Entertainment in four years. It consists of four members: Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ningning. Each member has an avatar counterpart in the virtual world.


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