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I defer watching this excellent and addictive crime-solving melodrama called Signal kdrama (2016) for a year after it ended because I had read a cursory description online that it had been about tracking down a serial rapist/murderer and that I thought to myself, “Eh, I do not want to look at that.” However, after a year of reading only rave responses from fans about this show I made a decision to test it out and discovered there was rather more to the current drama than what I had been led to believe. There was a time travel aspect to the drama that was compelling, a cast that did not seem like glamour pusses but rather hard-working, real people, and therefore the writing was solid (I particularly thought episode eight’s writing was brilliant and had to observe it twice in an exceeding row — all types of cool twists and turns I hadn’t expected).


There were memorable, three-dimensional characters who stood up for what they believed in morally, how refreshing that was! and also the show really wasn’t a couple of serial rapists/murderers; there have been various other criminal cases that were much more interesting. Plus, compared to American television shows about cops, this one was far less gory, yet still remained realistic and believable. the most cast was just about unaccustomed to me but I quickly warmed to them because of the earnestness of their performances. there have been no distracting performances from anyone within the cast; even the minor character actors fit seamlessly into the general suspenseful tale.

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Left to Right: Lee Je Hoon, Kim Hye Soo, Cho Jin Woong

The Story of Signal

Park Hae Young (Lee Je Hoon) is an arrogant young police profiler who moonlights as a celeb stalker for extra cash. He had a rather testy and tragic childhood where his older brother was accused of a criminal offense he failed to commit (kidnapping and killing a young schoolgirl Hae Young had known personally) and he visited jail for it, which destroyed his mother’s fragile status, and Hae Young’s sense of security growing up. In his new job as a profiler, he finds himself working with pioneering female detective Cha Soo Hyeon (charismatic Kim Hye Soo) who has suffered in her life too at the hands of criminals and who has become a no-nonsense, abrupt speaking officer, someone to be reckoned with if you ever dawned her way.

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Middle-aged detective Lee Jae Han (Cho Jin Woong) is an idealistic and irascible lawman who disappeared circa the year 2000. None of his fellow law enforcement officials gave the impression to know what happened to him (though why nobody considered it would are because of inside corruption at the station house I’ve got no idea!).

Jae Han dramatically breaks into Park Hae Young and Cha Soo Hyeon’s modern 2016 world via an aging police walkie-talkie that Hae Young had discovered buried in an exceedingly bunch of trash. it’s soon revealed that Soo Hyeon and Jae Han had worked together when she was a rookie officer within the 1990s which she had developed a non-public crush on the older detective. His disappearance had hit her hard and she or he finds it difficult to trust anyone.

As she gets to understand Hae Young more on the duty they grow closer personally but there’s no way more than the tiniest tinge of attraction between them. Soo Hyeon’s heart is clearly remaining with the long-gone older detective. She keeps a number of his old memorabilia items on her police desk and stares at them longingly from time to time. Probably my favorite scene within the drama could be a memory flashback where she is riding in an ambulance together with her older secret love, he’s bleeding on a stretcher from a wound, and she or he starts blubbering, crying out that she likes him. I burst out laughing, it had been with great care darn unexpected so cute! the design on his face at her confession was priceless.

Many evenings at 11:23 pm the older detective’s voice magically breaks through a time barrier and begins to speak to the young profiler Hae Young on his long-dead walkie-talkie. Through their exchanges of data Hae Young is in a position to higher examine cold cases to undertake and solve them in creative ways and perhaps, just maybe, turn former tragedies into victories, including the case of his own wrongly accused older brother, who supposedly had committed suicide in jail.

The supernatural premise succeeds so well just because of its limitations. Signal kdrama isn’t phantasy or fantasy such a lot as magical realism. We stick near the fact of our own world – complete with ugly rape cases, murdered children cases, mistaken arrests, and collapsing infrastructure that kills a young woman. Yet Signal’s uncanny plot device allows it to avoid the predictability and repetition which will often deaden other detective shows. Here, day-to-day investigating is filled with possibilities. Anything can happen during this series, especially because the characters bravely work larger and bigger changes into their present world. One especially dramatic moment occurs when Soo Hyeon appears to die in an explosion, but thanks to new information given to Hae Young by the older detective from the past, within the next episode Soo Hyeon had never died at all!

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Eventually, Hae Young and Jae Han run up against events that can’t be changed, injustices that can’t be corrected. Sometimes in dramas, as in reality, the bad guys “win”. As is usually the case on Korean television, the last word mortal may be a wealthy industrialist who operates within the shadows, beyond the law. But Signal kdrama doesn’t linger over his devious machinations. It suggests instead of spells out the ways in which many lives are damaged by one man’s greedy power grabs.

The concluding episodes are ninety minutes long, but the suspense over Lee Jae Han’s disappearance makes them go quickly. Can the younger Hae Young warn the older Jae Han and save him? Or is that this one among those things that cannot be changed? Will the warnings themselves change events for the worse? what’s going to happen to female detective Soo Hyeon when she discovers that her old love may have escaped death which she might just be able to see him again?

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The ending was a touch frustrating and sudden, and clearly, they expect to try and do a sequel to the current show at a while within the future. ready to| I’ll} definitely watch it! My ideal would be to own all three detectives reunited within the present day and able to get the wicked industrialist behind bars; however, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the author would surprise me again and not create part two script in such a predictable way.

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