Do you know dating rumor of SHINee’s members?

Which SHINee members have a girlfriend? Check it out right now below!

Are you into Korean Dramas and Songs or are you wish boy or girl band in Korea? If yes, then you may be aware of SHINee as a famous boyband from SM entertainment. They’re one of every of the foremost liked South Korean idol singers. a preferred South Korean contemporary boy group consists of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin. Shawols is the name for Shinee fandom.

1. SHINee Choi MinHo Girlfriend

Choi Min Ho (최민호) and other people usually call him as Minho (민호), is member of Asian nation boyband SHINee. He was born in Incheon, the Republic of Korea on December 9, 1991. Minho’s father, Choi Yun-Gyeom, could be a well-known South Korean soccer coach and have decent popularity in the sports world in South Korea.

Minho joined SM Entertainment after he auditioned at the 2006 S.M. in Casting System. when 2008, Minho put into group SHINee. On May 25, 2008, Minho along with his band SHINee debuted with their single debut ‘Replay’ on SBS Inkigayo. In March 2008, before debuting with Shinee.

Minho was a model for Ha Sang Baek’s Seoul Collection F/W 08-09. In many games show, Minho always shows his ability in sports, the reason for his body, and talent. Minho has extremely good skills in sports.

Shinee’s Rapper Choi Minho’s Dating History

The sweetheart of numerous girls everywhere the globe, Choi Minho, has been linked to several of his co-stars. Media linked him most to To the Beautiful You actress Sulli. Before Sulli, he also was linked to Yuri (a member of Girls’ Generation) but none of the singers confirmed the connection. Until now, many fans didn’t know who a true Minho’s girlfriend

2. SHINee Jonghyun Girlfriend

Kim Jong Hyun (김종현) or people generally called Jonghyun (종현) is a member of South Korea boyband SHINee. Jonghyun was born in Seoul, before joined with SM Entertainment, Jonghyun has been active in music since he was in junior high school. He always participated in many festivals in his region.

In his band, he became a bassist, not a vocalist. Jonghyun joined SM Entertainment after he won auditioned at the 2005 S.M. Casting System. In 2008, Jonghyun put into group SHINee. On May 25, 2008, Jonghyun together with his band SHINee debuted with their single debut ‘Replay’ on SBS Inkigayo.

Jonghyun’s Girlfriend

When in a radio program, Jonghyun said that he was an enormous fan of Yu Ra and always enjoyed paying attention to her songs, especially Jonghyun’s parts. His comments caused a good stir among many of his fans.

Jonghyun later apologized for creating his fan’s upset and explained that he was just supporting her as an acquaintance. After that, Jonghyun was rumored to be dating Lee YuBi, a Korean actress whose mother is that the famous Korean actress, Gyeon Mi-ri.

In August of 2010, Jong-hyun admitted that he was dating Shin Se Kyung, a Korean actress. Shin became well-known nationwide through her performance within the sitcom, High Kick Through the Roof (2009-2010). The couple were the identical age and hit it off. The more they stayed together, the deeper they fell taken with. Even sometimes Jonghyun got hate speech from his fans.

But now, it is impossible if his fans want him to date. He died in who died in an apparent suicide in Seoul on December 18, 2019. 

3. SHINee Taemin Girlfriend

Taemin was born in Dongbong-gu, Seoul, South Korea on July 18, 1993. This cutie joined SM Entertainment after he auditioned in 2005, more soon from Onew. Open Weekend Audition Casting, Taemin training in SM Entertainment since she was a primary grade in lyceum class. In 2008, Taemin put into group SHINee. On May 25, 2008, Taemin along with his band SHINee debuted with their single debut ‘Replay’ on SBS Inkigayo.

Taemin’s Girlfriend

Taemin made rumors when he filming for MBC‘s ‘We Got Married, he participated in a photoshoot as a pair with Na Eun. he said that “Actually, I’ve dated before“, contradicting his earlier statement at the beginning of his run on the show where he stated that he’d never dated before.

After that fans shook when again Sulli rumors that she was close with Taemin. due to this, trainees inevitably form a robust bond. it’s no wonder Taemin and Sulli shared such a bond. Apparently, they broke up before their debut.

4. SHINee Key Girlfriend

Key or other names are Almighty Key, Diva, Fox, Bummie have a true name called Kim Ki Bum. He was born on September 23rd, 1991. Position J+Key in SHINee is Vocalist, Lead Rapper. He’s good-looking and charming, and key has a decent personality.

Key’s Girlfriend

Nicole, as we all know an ex-member of the girl group KARA, is commonly said to be Key’s girlfriend. they’re close because they’re the identical age (born in 1991) and are members of the ’91 line’. Also, both can speak English, in order that they sometimes talk in English rather than Korean. some people say that the 2 had dates. Key often posts pictures with Nicole on his SNS sites. But they said just friends.

In another moment, Key was said that he was dating with EunJi. A member of the girl group APINK. Key performed with EunJi as a pair within the TV variety We Got Married (2013) with Japan’s Artist. many folks feel shocked when know Key had we got married.

5. SHINee Onew Girlfriend

Lee Jin Ki (이진기) or his popular name as Onew, was born in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi on December 14, 1989. Onew joined SM Entertainment after he won an audition at the 2006 S.M Academy casting. When in 2008, Onew collaborated with Lee Hyun Ji, a former member of the project group Banana Girl, for her song “Vanilla Love”.

In 2009 he was also collaborated together with his label mate Girls’ Generation Jessica with the song “One Year Later (1년 後)” for Girls’ Generation mini-album Tell Me Your Wish. Onew and Jessica performed their song on MBC Music Core on August 1st, 2009.

Onew’s Girlfriend

Onew is claimed to be dating with Jung-Ah an ex-member of the girl group After School. In 2010, Onew Said that his ideal kind of woman was Jungah in a very TV variety. After that, Onew got issues again. Luna, a member of the girl group f(x), was said to be dating Onew. They were so close that they often sang duets in music programs.

Onew said that Luna was one amongst his ideal variety of women, which caused many folks to think that they were dating. Moreover, at the SM Entertainment concert they co-starred, many of us saw Onew and Luna holding hands while singing.

Incidents like Jungah naming her doll after the important name of Onew subsequently both of them wearing matching hoodies and jacket. Caused fans to be suspicious, about their “friends” relationship.

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