Shin Se Kyung has signed with IU’s agency

Shin Se Kyung joins IU’s one-person agency, EDAM Entertainment

Shin Se Kyung has signed with IU’s agency. With this, IU’s agency, which had always been a one-person agency, will now open a brand new chapter.

Recently, Shin signed an exclusive contract with EDAM Entertainment, also called “IU’s agency.”

For the past 19 years, Shin had been affiliated with actor-specific company Namoo Actors. However, after working together for nearly 20 years, the actress and also the company decided to part ways amicably. And after much consideration, Shin joined hands with EDAM.

EDAM was founded in December 2019 as a subsidiary of Kakao M. the corporate has only managed one artist, IU. Soon after her debut, the singer joined EDAM. Though it wasn’t intended, the corporate was referred to as a one-person agency. But starting with Shin’s joining, EDAM plans to become an even bigger agency by recruiting more actors.

Shin made her debut in 1998 with the poster of Seo Taiji’s poster for the 5th album. Since then, she became a top actress of her age bracket, starring in works like High Kick Through the Roof, Six Flying Dragons, Run On. She opened her YouTube channel in 2018 and has 1.25 million subscribers.

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