Shin Min Chul and Hyerim share their plan

Cover - Shin Min Chul and Hyerim share their plan

Shin Min Chul and Hyerim share their plan for the future! Do you think they want to have a baby? Share your thoughts with Xenews!

The newlyweds Hyerim and Shin Min Chul, on August 11, appeared as guests on MBC’s “Video Star” and talked about their relationship, and thoughts about starting a family.

The broadcast’s filming passed ten days before the couple’s wedding, and Hyerim handed invitations to the hosts and guests. within the interview, Hyerim shared that she has plans to be a mother in the future. She expressed that she wanted to own a baby within the subsequent two to a few years. “I want to own one soon,” Hyerim exclaimed. Mentioning that Hyerim is 29 years old by Korean reckoning, the hosts remarked that it’s the proper age to begin a family.

Hyerim, on the show, mentioned that she couldn’t remember the last time she kissed Shin Min Chul. The singer explained that she is so busy with school, TV shows, and preparing for a wedding that she forgets to indicate physical affection.

The singer continued that she give Shin Min Chul plenty of pecks and not kisses. While listening, the guests empathized, saying that there’s a right time and place for kisses.

Later on in the show, Shin min Chul appeared through a video and said that they only have ten days left until their wedding. “I’m very nervous and excited, and therefore the memories from the seven years that we were together are all returning to me. Let’s have a contented life for 70 years- or perhaps 700 years- into the longer term.”

Cover - Shin Min Chul and Hyerim share their plan

The taekwondo player expressed that other than being his lover, girlfriend, and wife, Shin Min Chul thinks of Hyerim as someone he can respect. Then Min-Chul made a surprise appearance on the set and was revealed that he has been waiting behind the scenes long before the filming began.

Shin Min Chul then expressed his feelings prior to their wedding and said that although they need to be dating for seven years, it sounds like a brand new start that they’re getting married, and he’s commencing to feel excited again.

The teary Hyerim commented on the video message and said that she likes it when Min-Chul says that he admires her.

Moreover, the hosts asked Min-Chul about Hyerim‘s plans to possess a baby within the following few years. He said that Hyerim just signed a contract together with her new agency last March and noted that it’d be best for her to figure within the industry a touch more.

Finally, Min-Chul surprised Hyerim with a sweet cover of Lee Seung Gi‘s “Will You Marry Me?” and finished the performance by saying, “I love you, Woo Hyerim!”

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