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Shin Hye Sun Tries To Avoid Marriage With Kim Jung Hyun In “Mr. Queen” Teaser

A new teaser has been released for the upcoming tvN drama “Mr. Queen”!

“Mr. Queen” is a historical fusion drama about a man from modern times whose soul gets trapped in the body of a queen from the Joseon dynasty. Shin Hye Sun stars as Kim So Yong, the queen with the soul of Jang Bong Hwan trapped inside her. Kim Jung Hyun will be King Cheoljong, who seems like a weak and ineffective king but has a sharp and strong-willed side that he keeps hidden.

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Shin Hye Sun
Shin Hye Sun is the queen

The video starts off with Kim So Yong saying, “This might be hard to believe, but I’m actually a man.” Kim So Yong, who was previously a chef in the Blue House and is now stuck in the Joseon dynasty, is confused to find herself completely transformed. She cries, “What did they do to me?” She’s reckless, running around the palace and throwing a punch at King Cheoljong.

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Later, Kim So Yong learns that she’ll marry King Cheoljong and become the queen. King Cheoljong says, “Tomorrow is the ceremony,” and Kim So Yong responds, “I’m really not into guys.” She suspects that her body has changed because of water, and whenever Kim So Yong sees standing water, she races over and dunks her head into it.

Shin Hye Sun

In a voice-over as her true self, Kim So Yong thinks, “There’s always a way to escape. Let’s go back to my old life and my precious body.” She’s seen running through the palace in a desperate attempt to return to the present day.

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Watch the full teaser below!

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