Do you know how many universities appear in “Extraordinary You”?

6 filming locations of drama “Extraordinary You”. Let’s check with us right now with us below!

Are you a lover of the drama “Extraordinary You”? Are you progressing to visit Korea or are you in Korea? Then this can be the data you needed.

In the drama, there are many beautiful filming locations that may be great to go to when the drama end. Initially look, it’s just like the scenes at Seuli high school are filmed in mere one place. It’s actually not!

It is obvious that the filming crew is traveling the country for the scenes of the historical times. But they’re also actually traveling all around Korea for the scenes of the varsity too.

Here are 6 universities where are filmed “Extraordinary You”. Note that the crew also film in other locations like Gyeonggi English Village (Paju) and more.

Let us know within the comments where would you prefer to go to.

1. Tongwon University, Gwangju

A huge part of the scenes of the drama seems to be filmed at Tongwon University. you may recognize various sets like the doorway of the college, the stadium, and more.

2. Yonsei University, Seoul

Yonsei University is one of the three most famous universities of the Republic of Korea. an element of the drama is filmed at the campus’s most-famous building named the Underwood Hall (as well in other places). It’s very easy to access if you’re visiting Seoul.

3. Keimyung University, Daegu

The filming crew also makes their thanks to the town of Daegu. At Keimyung University was filmed the arrival of Oh NamJu’s parents in the class. Some viewers also mentioned that the court of the drama is that the one among Keimyung University.

4. Busan University of Foreign Studies, Busan

The city of Busan was also included within the filming locations. Viewers will easily recognize this assail the bridge taken in Busan University of Foreign Studies.

5. Hoseo University, Asan campus, Asan

A few scenes were also filmed at Hoseo University. The campus is gorgeous with the autumn foliage.

6. Dongduk Women’s University, Seoul

Dongduk Women’s University is found in Seoul and a few scenes were filmed on its flowery campus.

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