The Oath of Love 2022


The Oath of Love 2022


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Directed By

Lu Ying
  • Publish in

    Mar 15, 2022

  • Duration

    45 min

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The Oath of Love 2022 is a psychological and emotional drama revolving around the love story of Doctor Gu, who over 30 years old and a teenage girl who is still a student Lin Zhi Xiao. The two will create a romantic “uncle – grandchild” love mixed with laughter on the your screen.

Plot of The Oath of Love

Lin Zhi Xiao, a cellist and music student at her college, is determined to make her dream come true. Her world suddenly fell into the abyss of her life overnight. Her father was suddenly hospitalized for cancer and she reluctantly quit her good job elsewhere and broke up with her boyfriend. All the fantasies of a happy future suddenly collapsed later.

Gu Wei, the doctor in charge of treating her father who is experiencing her difficult times, comes to her life with the most difficulties and surprises. But as we get to know each other, we begin to understand each other. Over time, they began to approach. But love will continue-and will they eventually find the happiness they urgently need?


Main cast

Yang Zi as Lin Zhixiao

A third year music student majoring in cello. She is energetic, positive, friendly, does not give up easily, and is like the sun that illuminates your life. She can distinguish between what is right and what is wrong, and she sometimes acts wisely and sometimes impulsively. She persistently pursues her goals and does not give up easily. She is a little ignorant and slow about her relationships, but once she is convinced of her feelings and intentions, she boldly moves forward.

Xiao Zhan as Gu Wei

Attending physician at the Center for Gastroenterology. He is very talented, but he takes his mistakes and setbacks a little seriously. The death of the patient on the table almost flooded him, and he faced enormous psychological stress. When Gu Wei Lin met Zhixiao, they became the sun warming each other, holding hands and getting out of the mist of trouble and enjoying the rest of their lives together.

Supporting cast

Zhai Zilu as Gu Xiao

GuWei’s cousin. He is a typical son of a wealthy family. He is frivolous and cynical. His hobby is spending money on dates. He’s not in a serious relationship, but after meeting Sun Sun, he feels like he’s found true love. He is very interested in the situation of GuWei’s relationship and tries to help his relationship, but instead always causes problems.

Ma Yujie as Gao Xi

Gastrointestinal doctor. She is the assistant director’s daughter, GuWei’s classmate and colleague. She is excellent, calm, smart and capable. However, she is internally arrogant and keeps a close distance from her patient. At her workplace, she is a very good partner with Gu Wei and everyone considers her to be the most suitable person to marry Gu Wei. She loves and respects GuWei very much and is always trying to help him in his work. However, her statistics collide with Gu Wei’s and she cannot invade Gu Wei’s inner world.

Li Muchen as Xiao Shan / San San

LinZhixiao’s best friend. They advise each other on life and relationships. She often represents Lin Zhixiao. She is beautiful, generous, smart, and dares to have love and hate. She has a high level of emotional intelligence and a deep understanding of her way of life. She looks like a master of her love, has a playful attitude towards her love and is never sloppy, but in reality she wants good love and encounters true love Then it becomes ruthless.

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