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Directed By

Sun Mo Long
  • Publish in

    Jan 11, 2022

  • Duration

    45 min

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Reset (Chinese Title: 开端) is a Chinese drama based on a time-travel novel by Qidaojun. The series tells the story of a college student Li Shiqing (Zhao Jinmai) and a video game designer Xiao Heyun (Bai Jingting) who are trapped in a time loop on a soon-to-explode bus.


When Li Shi Qing woke up on that fateful morning, she knew little about her life changing forever. Ishikiyo spent the day as usual and got on the bus without thinking about her actions again. But when the bus she was on was involved in a horrific accident, ShiQing had only a few seconds to realize that her life was about to end.

After Li Shiqing was repeatedly killed in an explosion while on the same bus, she finally came to the conclusion that she was stuck in an infinite time warp. She unknowingly pulls her fellow traveler Xiao Haeyoon into her loop. Then they find a way to get off the bus and avoid the blast. They also find that calling the police is counterproductive and leads to cross-examination as a suspect instead of being able to avoid the disaster. They solve the problem with their own hands and team up to find dangerous bombers on the bus.

Cast of “Reset 2022”

Main role

Bai Jingting as Xiao Heyun, a game designer

Zhao Jinmai as Li Shiqing, a normal school student


Liu Yijun as Captain Zhang Cheng

Liu Tao as Deputy Director Du Jingsong

Li Gan as Jiang Feng

Fan Shuaiqi as Ye Qian

Yu Peishan as Yu Lei

Other people on the Bus

Huang Jue as Wang Xingde, bus driver

Liu Dan as Tao Yinghong, passenger

Song Jiateng as Brother One, passenger

Ma Lan as Auntie Ye, passenger

Zeng Kelang as Lu Di, passenger

Zhang Xiqian as Ma Guoqiang, passenger

Jiao Peng as Jiao Xiangrong, passenger

Bu Yuxin as the passenger with headphones

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