A Dream of Splendor 2022


A Dream of Splendor 2022


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Chu-ji Qiu
  • Publish in

    Jun 02, 2022

  • Duration

    45 min

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A Dream of Splendor (Chinese: 梦华 录) is a Chinese historical drama series broadcast in 2022, directed by Yang Yang, written by Zhang Wei with the participation of actors famous as
Crystal Liu, Chen Xiao, Jelly Lin and other actors.


The smart and beautiful Zhao Pan Er is originally from a Mandarin family. But when she was young, her family was overwhelmed by crime and she had to become a “semi-artistic” prostitute for a long time. Later, when she returned to working as a wage earner (honest people who do nothing illegal to make a living), she opened a small coffee shop along the river in Hangzhou. Gu Qian Fan, her fiancée Zhao Pan Er has been waiting for for three years, tried to cancel her marriage after passing the Tham Hoa exam. Zhao Pan Er cannot easily accept such nonsense. She takes a boat to the capital, finds a traitor, and finds a reason. On this trip, she meets Ko Tien Fam. The commander of Juan Tan Ti, from a strong family, has an honest and honest personality and was mistakenly involved in a serious incident at Triu van Ni in Gangnam.

This trip was also the time when Ton Tam Nuon threw himself into the river and committed suicide. The general’s father was dishonest, and the child refused to obey his mother’s miserable fate, even in his mother’s family. Thanks to CoThien Pham and Zhao Pan Er, she was saved, thought clearly and continued to accompany Phan Nhi. The two sisters then worked together to help Song Tung Chuong escape the abuse and beatings of the general.

Gu Qian Fan found a way to expel them from Bien Kinh when Zhao Pan Er came to the capital and knew his whereabouts. Fortunately, with the help of Co Thien Pham, they decided to stay in Bian Kinh and rely on their abilities to make a living. They decided to open a coffee shop to live their lives independently. .. Zhao Pan Er also didn’t want to constantly disturb CoThien Pham.

Gu Qian Fan, with his ambitions, was forced by his father-in-law to stop kissing and not allow him to marry his daughter. His dream of becoming a great mandarin is also unfavorable because he sinned against his wife’s family. Now he has to go elsewhere to work as a minor civil servant.
With many difficulties and obstacles of all kinds, the three sisters have finally evolved from a coffee shop to the largest pub in Bienkin. After experiencing many difficulties, Zhao Pan Er gradually better understood everything in her life, stopped holding her grudge against Gu Qian Fan, and of equal rights to women who were once low. The new door is open.


Crystal Liu as Zhao Pan Er

Chen Xiao as Gu Qian Fan

Ada Liu as Sun San Niang

Jelly Lin as Song Yin Zhang

Xu Hai Qiao as Ou Yang Xu

Dai Xu as Chi Yan Nei

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