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Seo Yi Sook Talks About A Gift She Received From “Hotel Del Luna” Co-Star IU

Actress Seo Yi Sook shared that IU gave her a sweet gift!

On the August 25 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Problem Child in the House,” Seo Yi Sook appeared as a guest and shared a story about her “Hotel Del Luna” co-star.

During the show, the panel was given a quiz question about how IU warms up her voice in the morning, and Seo Yi Sook mentioned that she continues to keep in touch with her co-star. “I have IU’s phone number,” Seo Yi Sook said. “We still text each other even after ‘Hotel Del Luna’ ended.”

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In response to the quiz question, Seo Yi Sook said, “IU drinks hot water with wild honey in it.” Seo Yi Sook’s response was incorrect, but she explained how she got to that answer.

“IU gifted me with wild honey, saying that it was good for the body,” Seo Yi Sook said.

Seo Yi Sook
Seo Yi Sook Shared About A Gift She Receive from IU

The correct answer turned out to be cup ramen, and the show mentioned that IU eats ramen in the morning to warm up her voice before her rehearsals.

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Still hung up on the quiz question, Seo Yi Sook added, “I’m pretty sure IU told me that she puts honey in her water in the morning,” making the panel laugh.

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