SE7EN showed off his affection for his girlfriend Lee Da Hae

SE7EN says his girlfriend Lee Da Hae was the one who stood by his side during the most difficult times

In the upcoming episode of MBN’s food-mentray show Eatvitation, SE7EN will appear because of the 4th guest.

SE7EN, who has been dating actress Lee Da Hae for five years, shows enjoyment of meeting Kang Ho Dong. In fact, the singer debuted through Kang Ho Dong’s entertainment show 18 years ago.

After sharing a delicious meal together, Kang Ho Dong gently asks, “How’s your friend (Lee Da Hae)?” to which SE7EN answers, “We do just fine, like best friends.”

SE7EN then said, “We are the identical age, so we are having an honest time together as if we were playing house.” Soon, Kang Ho Dong timidly whispers in Hwang Je Seong’s ears, “You ask him how his parents consider her,” drawing laughter. SE7EN laughed as he replied, “My girlfriend is that the same age, but she is mature and polite. Sometimes she seems like noona, and that I learn plenty from her.”

He then added, “I met her after I was at the underside of my life,” raising curiosity about their sexual activity. it’s said that after hearing his romance, chef Im Ji Ho, Kang Ho Dong, and Hwang Je Seong supported the 2, saying, “Maybe it’s thanks to her good energy, but you look so happy.”

Eatvitation, starring chef Im Ji Ho, Kang Ho Dong, and Hwang Je Seong, is about top stars visiting a house located off from the bustle of the town for hearty meals and honest conversations about their lives.

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