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The very first Korean drama penned by the now-famous Hong Sisters (Master’s Sun, My Girl, My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho) Delightful Girl Chun-Hyang (2005) proved phenomenally successful during its run, starting around 11% ratings nationwide and quickly rising to a peak viewership rating of 32.2%. It remains the best-rated drama they need penning. It had been slated to be a 16 episode K-drama originally, but with its popularity soaring they added the 17th episode to please the fans (and to stay the income rolling in terms of advertising dollars!). the identical thing happened with Master’s Sun, which I consider the Hong Sisters’ best-written drama: it had been originally imagined to be 16 episodes but an extra episode was added because of the show’s popularity. (It’s not a rare occurrence within the world of K-dramas: the identical thing happened with My Love From Another Star, which was originally slated for 20 episodes but ran to 21 due to its enormous popularity). So in respect to the odd-numbered episode shows you’ll be able to just about guarantee they were ratings’ hits.

I decided to look at this romantic comedy because I had tried several newer melodramas in an exceeding row which I quit watching because they merely didn’t capture my attention. They were depressing. I made a decision to undertake this show thanks to the Hong Sisters’ diary in writing enjoyable shows, and that I was amazed that within the first ten minutes I used to be howling with laughter. I had found my show! I used to be also thrilled that it starred an actor whom I feel is drop-dead gorgeous, Jae Hee, from the famous Ki Duk Kim film 3-Iron (2004), which I consider a masterpiece. The actress, Han Chae Young, had become famous playing the grown-up biological daughter who was switched at birth as a baby with Song Hye Kyo’s character within the classic Autumn In My Heart (2000). The second male lead was handsome Uhm Tae-Woong (Queen Seondeok and therefore the hit film Architecture 101) who becomes obsessive about the lead female character. The second female lead was Park Si-Eun (The Iron Empress, Finding Dorothy) who played the primary love of the lead male character.


The show was loosely supported an old Korean legend Tale of Chunhyang a couple of girls who only dear man, her husband, although it could mean her early death thanks to another man obsessing over her and trying to stay her from him. (There may be a 2000 film called Chunhyang starring the actor from The Classic Seung Woo Cho, but I didn’t take care of that film too much). Even the names of the characters during this drama are identical because of the names from the legend. due to the link to the old legend, this show begins within the Joseon era and

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