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“Sajangdol Mart” will have appearance of Hyungwon, Lee Shin Young and Xiumin

MONSTA X’s Hyungwon, Lee Shin Young, and more are confirmed to affix EXO’s Xiumin in the upcoming drama “Sajangdol Mart“!

The upcoming drama “Sajangdol Mart” (romanized title) starring EXO’s Xiumin has confirmed its cast!

On September 27, production company the nice Show revealed that Lee Shin Young, Xiumin, MONSTA X’s Hyungwon, Choi Jung Woon, Choi Won Myeong, Lee Sae On, and Kim Shana are going to be starring in the upcoming drama.

“Sajangdol Mart” tells the story of what unfolds after the idol group Thunder Boys disbands because of an unexpected incident and takes over a failing supermarket.

Lee Shin Young plays Thunder Boys’ leader Choi Ho Rang who somehow becomes the supermarket owner. Choi Ho Rang incorporates a curt personality, but he’s an honest figure who takes care of his members quite like anyone else. He begins his business after acquiring Boram Mart rather than receiving obtain his advertisement.

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Xiumin will play Thunder Boys’ main dancer and Boram Mart’s cashier Shin Tae Ho who is extremely thorough when it involves calculating money. Since he grew up without lacking anything, Shin Tae Ho is self-centered, but he’s also a great thoughtful character.


Hyungwon will tackle the role of rapper Jo Yi Joon who cannot wait for his natural talent. At Boram Mart, he is going to be responsible for the seafood section. Furthermore, Choi Jung Woon is going to be playing Boram Mart’s influential part-timer Oh Ye Rim, Choi Won Myeong will play Thunder Boys’ vocalist Eun Young Min who is answerable for Boram Mart’s fresh meat section, and former “Produce 101 Season 2” contestant Lee Sae On will play Thunder Boys’ youngest member Yoon Sang Woo. Last but not least, Kim Shana will play Ji Na who could be a member of the foremost popular girl group Chain Girls.


“Sajangdol Mart” will air in 2023, and therefore the broadcast schedule has yet to be determined. Stay tuned for more updates!

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