Sajaegi in Kpop (Part 1)

Cover - Sajaegi in Kpop (Part 1)

Today, we should know details about artists accused of ‘Sajaegi’. How do you think about that? Are you expected to know it?

It is already well-known that the competition within the South Korean music industry nowadays is extremely fierce. Various big names of idol groups and singers are competing to release the most effective songs and check out to master the most music charts in the Republic of Korea.

However, within the midst of competition, suddenly new names have emerged that have managed to slip to the highest position of the charts. This certainly makes the general public wonder, especially after they achieve shifting idol groups that are on the increase and have an oversized fandom. one in all the items that keep bobbing up in K-Pop are a few things called Sajaegi.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a close rundown of everything about Sajaegi, or chat manipulation in K-Pop. Stay tuned and let’s learn more about the artists accused of Sajaegi.

What is Sajaegi?

Apparently, the term Sajaegi is employed to designate a selected practice to inflate sales of digital songs or chart manipulation, but nowadays it’s used more generally within the meaning that a bunch or singer with their company is buying a huge quantity of copies of their own albums so as to urge higher on the charts, or to possess a stronger chance at winning first place on various South Korean music programs.

The accusation of sajaegi has been thrown everywhere prefer it is anyone’s business, although those within the industry say it’s impossible. it’ll surprise you to find out that the accusation of chart manipulation usually arises when newer groups and singers are seen as threatening to popular groups and singers. And sajaegi is usually accustomed explain facts that don’t really require evidence.

Artists Accused of Sajaegi

Here are a number of K-Pop idols and singers who are involved in rumors of Sajaegi.


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When his song suddenly became very hip, South Korean musician Shaun drew the eye of K-Pop fans. The singer allegedly got success in Korean music charts, in an unusual way. the problem really bothered many fans, especially fans of the idol group that had just released the album. Shaun’s song titled “Way Back Home” suddenly rose to the highest of South Korea’s music charts, beating popular idol groups, like Twice, Blackpink, Mamamoo, and Apink, and took the #1 position on the music charts. 

Shaun and his agency Limez Entertainment were accused of getting done chart manipulation, or Sajaegi, so as to be ready to take the highest place on the chart. Shaun shared his thoughts on overcoming popular idol groups and usurping the music charts. He said that it had been unreal for him, something like that truly happened in his life and he’s still stunned.

Shaun also explained that he’s clean-handed of the sajaegi accusations. He said that there was no manipulation in the least. He also said, “Even my close peers were suspicious, but the agency isn’t the dimensions that might do sajaegi. The people I work with are with me for 4-5 years.” After being accused of sajaegi, Shaun revealed that he has been avoiding people and have become a homebody since the controversy. he’s trying his best to be an artist who can prove himself with music.


Pic 3 - Sajaegi in Kpop (Part 1)

 In 2015, the favored South Korean boy group Bangtan Sonyeondan (also called Bangtan Boys, or BTS) also has been accused of sajaegi after reportedly the group outselling K-Pop icon BIGBANG on the physical album charts.

The accusations happened when physical sales of BTS’ new album 화양연화 (In the Mood for Love Part 1) had beat BIGBANG’s Made Series-m in keeping with the ranking of the Hanteo Chart.

Pic 4 - Sajaegi in Kpop (Part 1)

Controversial discussions of possible sajaegi where BTS’ company, Big Hit Entertainment buys albums in large quantities to inflate the official numbers, have arisen among netizens because it’s a particularly rare accomplishment for an idol group from alittle company. Big Hit Entertainment claimed, “Big Hit Entertainment doesn’t have the resources to try and do such a thing.”

BTS began their music show performances after releasing their album with their title song I Need U which swept charts shortly after the discharge. additionally, they need taken fans behind the scenes of the jacket shoot and music video filming and have hinted at the possible release of the 19+ version of their music videos. Meanwhile, BIGBANG began their promotions shortly after BTS starting on South Korean popular music genre program Inkigayo and achieved an ideal all-kill with their track “Loser” after its release on May 1st, 2015.


Pic 5 - Sajaegi in Kpop (Part 1)

K-Pop’s hottest new girl group Momoland has experienced a true Bboom Bboom in popularity lately. However, the group has been in the middle of a controversial issue for allegedly faking their album sales and buying the recognition they need just achieved with their successful single, Bboom Bboom.” The nine-member Korean girl group Momoland was formed by the agency DubleKick Entertainment. The seven members of the group, Hyebin, Yeonwoo, Jane, Nayun, JooE, Ahin, and Nancy were scouted through the fact show Finding Momoland and debuted on November 10th, 2016, and a year later, Daisy and Taeha were added to the group.

Pic 6 - Sajaegi in Kpop (Part 1)

After releasing their third album GREAT with the title song “Bboom Bboom,” Momoland was accused of plagiarism scandal involving “Bboom Bboom”‘s similarity to Russian group Serebro‘s 2013 indie hit “Mi Mi Mi.” The album also sold an implausible amount sooner or later. over 8,200 copies were sold, a variety that’s more in line with popular boy groups.

The song then had peaked at the #4 position on the Billboard World Charts and continued to climb the Korean charts, the album also hit highs of number 3 on the Gaon Chart. The music video of “Bboom Bboom” has smashed the hundred million views on YouTube. As a result, the huge surge in sales and subsequent jump in charts led many folks to suspect that the group has done sajaegi, or chart manipulation. However, South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism (MCST) claimed that supported their first investigation, Momoland is innocent of the sajaegi accusations for his or her 3rd mini-album Great!

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