Sajaegi in Kpop (Part 2)

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Today, we continue to know details about artists accused of ‘Sajaegi’. How do you think about that? Are you expected to know it?


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In 2014, boy group B1A4 was also accused of sajaegi once they released their 2nd album Who Am I. The allegations were made thanks to the odd increase in album sales during the top of their promotional period.

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People speculated that in the time of their promotional period, B1A4 had sold a complete of 67,186 albums, which the accusers stated isn’t a sensible number for the group when comparing it to their past album sale records and also the album sales of larger groups. Although B1A4 fans argued that it’s because of the new album having different covers and fans buying multiple covers, the accusers said that their numbers are still not realistic compared to big groups who have released multiple covers of albums.


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In 2017, many netizens were shocked because of the actual fact that rookie girl group LABOUM’s latest track Hwi Hwi won over veteran singer IU and Oh hyuk’s collab song. the entire music video views of LABOUM ”Hwi Hwi” was also significantly lower compared to IU.

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While it does seem a small amount peculiar on the surface, KBS explained about the rumor regarding their latest win and said that the ranking every Friday was decided by the sum of all the info from the week before and confirmed that LABOUM’s data wasn’t a controversy. Music Bank‘s #1 is set by 65% digital sales, 5% album sales, 20% broadcast points, and 10% viewer votes. LABOUM was ready to convince IU by beating her on album sales.


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The project girl group IOI gained extreme popularity after its debut. thanks to their incredible popularity and chart-topping songs, IOI was accused of sajaegi, or chart manipulation. The group definitely beat veteran groups like AOA and even went head to move with top groups like TWICE and Black Pink. Their huge increase in sales, especially since they were an experimental group, had fans speculating that their company was playing a giant part in drawing the public’s attention.

However, these rumors perceived to become overshadowed by the actual fact that while their sales and votes were more than BlackPink, IOI failed to receive the Rookie Award of the year from MelOn during 2016.

Teen Top

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South Korean boy group TEEN TOP has been accused of sajaegi on quite one occasion. In 2014, TEEN TOP became a large topic of conversation among the general public when the group and their agency, TOP Media, filed a lawsuit against 4 netizens deemed accountable for starting and spreading the accusations of chart manipulation in October 2014.

Their agency TOP Media confirmed to Star News that they need to file a lawsuit against 4 individuals who spread false rumors about the album sajaegi when TEEN TOP 20’S LOVE ONE EXITO was released for defamation of character.

Teen Top’s accusation of the chart manipulation factor, making their album promotion wasn’t easy. Moreover, the tweet from 2PM’s Jun K which was ambiguous and mentioned the sajaegi didn’t help. This led to the bad relation between Teen Top and 2PM’s fans. So 2PM’s Taecyeon came to intervene to cool down matters.


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Astro was also suspected of getting done sajaegi. ASTRO was accused of sajaegi after their album Dream Part 01 quickly increased its ranking on K-Pop album charts.

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There are two reasons why Astro was suspected of getting done sajaegi. First, the boy group sold over 14,000 copies of its album in two days. By the way, it’s usually considered that only very fashionable boy groups can sell over 10,000 copies of their albums during the weekend. Well, Astro wasn’t a really popular boy group before, but it absolutely was true it had been a touch bit strange. Second, Astro’s album sales within the first week had increased drastically.

That was all the data about what’s sajaegi in K-Pop and artists accused of sajaegi. Please, don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts within the comment section below!

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