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While Ryu Soo Young is undoubtedly an honest anonym, this veteran actor was actually born with the name Eo Nam-Seon in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. He made his debut appearance on television as a university student on a cooking show in 1998, then starred in the controversial film Summertime (2001). Constantly striving to become a much better actor, he’s been taking many supporting roles moreover as leading roles in many television dramas actively once a year thus far.

The actor is currently managed under Fly Up Entertainment together with other known celebrities like Lee Bo Young, Choi Kang Hee, Park Han Byul, and others. In early 2015, he and his co-star from fortnight Park Ha-Sun were confirmed to be in a very relationship since November 2014, eventually getting married in 2017 and welcoming a baby daughter shortly after. keep it up reading to understand more about this actor’s life and his pre-debut days!

Full Profile of Actor Ryu Soo-Young

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Name: Ryu Soo Young / Ryu Su Yeong (류수영)
Real Name: Uh Nam Sun / Eo Nam Seon (어남선)
Hanja Name: 魚濫船
Nickname: Sarangkkun / dearest (사랑꾼)
Profession: Actor and model
Talent Agency: Will Entertainment (past), Fly Up Entertainment (플라이업엔터테인먼트)
Years Active: 1998 – present
Nationality: South Korean
Date of Birth: September 5th, 1979
Place of Birth: Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Sheep / Goat
Western Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: A
Religion: Christian (Protestant)
Family: Father Uh Yoon-So (어윤소 / 魚允沼), Mother Yoon Young-Seok (윤영석), Older sister, Wife Actress Park Ha-Sun, 1 daughter
Education: Mapo highschool, Myongji University – Business Administration

Facts & Trivia About Ryu Soo-Young

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  • He was born into an upper-class family. He started performing in theaters early in his life and also played basketball and football in class.
  • Although he developed a love for acting quite early, he initially took it as a hobby. He knew within the back of his mind that his family wouldn’t allow him to require such a risky path. The acting bug bit him during high school, but he enrolled within the Myongji University to pursue business administration, as wished by his parents.
  • During college, he started acting, and it eventually grew on him to the extent that each one he wanted to try and do in his life was acting.
  • He debuted in April 1998 as a student during a cooking program.
  • He is known to resemble actor Jung Woo-Sung.
  • Ryu Soo-Young has the nickname Positive King and infrequently prays. He said, “If you pray, you may have faith, and if you have got faith, you may pray more. Everything you say and listen to incorporates a lot of influence on your opponent and yourself. once I have a positive influence on my opponent, I see myself quite anyone else.”
  • His specialties are hapkido from his student days, diving, and squash.
  • Some of his known hobbies are clay art, skating, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and ball games.
  • He served within the military from 2008 to 2010. This was also a pleasing break from his hectic acting schedule.
  • His father may be a university professor.
  • He appeared within the “NRG – Lament” music video in 2001.
  • He appeared in the 2001 film Summertime in a number one role. The film, which happened to be highly controversial because of its blatant portrayal of sex and sensuality, remained within the limelight weeks before its release. This also helped to induce the actor some necessary exposure within the industry.
  • He joined the military in his middle thirties. For his mandatory military service, the actor was a member of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency from 2008 to 2010.
  • He joined as a daily cast of the show Real Men in 2013 but later left the show in February 2014 with another original member. He was referred to as an ace and showed excellent cooking skills and got the qualification of military cooking expert.
  • He baked plenty and received a baking certificate.
  • He was cast within the musical Guys and Dolls (아가씨와 건달들) in 2014 as Sky.
  • Ryu Soo-Young’s motto is “Be someone who doesn’t lose warmth even in difficult times.”

About Ryu Soo-Young’s Wife & Wedding

ryu soo young wedding

After dating Park Ha-Sun for quite your time since late 2014, Ryu Soo-Young married her on January 22, 2017, in an exceedingly very private ceremony at the Mayfield Hotel in Seoul, which was attended by very close friends and members of the family. thereon beautiful Sunday, there have been some celebrities guests at their wedding including Cho Seung-Woo, Lee Kwang-Soo, Wang Bit-Na, Yoon Yoo-Sun, Jung Yoo-Mi, and Sam Hammington, who befriended Ryu Soo-Young while filming MBC’s Real Men together.

Due to Ryu’s shooting schedule for his upcoming TV drama, before the marriage, it absolutely was revealed that the couple had their honeymoon in Okinawa, Japan. On August 23, 2017, the couple became proud parents of a female offspring.

Facts About Actor Ryu Soo-Young & Actress Park Ha-Sun

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Here are some detailed facts about this lovely couple:

Before Marriage

  • The pair appeared in a very TV drama together in 2013, Two Weeks, and have become romantically involved since November 2014. Though they broke up within the drama, they married in the world.
  • The couple officially recognized the devotees in March 2015 and have become a representative couple within the show business, having been exemplified as a quiet and stable relationship.
  • Ryu Soo-Young talked about when he fell smitten and when he decided he wanted to marry Park Ha-Sun on KBS’s Happy Together. He said, “I appeared in an exceedingly drama with Park Ha-Sun. Back then, we were just two actors within the same industry. the instant I noticed I used to be soft on was after I glided by her house out of the blue. I asked her if she wanted to fulfill since I used to be within the area. On the thanks to the place we’d agreed to satisfy at, I found my heart racing. That’s once I realized that I liked her.”
  • With his heart racing, Ryu Soo-Young waited for Park Ha-Sun to look at the cafe. the instant she appeared, he could think nothing but, “She’s so pretty.” They parted ways in which day with nothing happening, but Ryu Soo-Young actually called 10 days later and asked if she’d wish to go hiking behind his house. Park Ha-Sun agreed, and that’s when Ryu Soo-Young began to believe that she may be inquisitive about him likewise.
  • His proposal passed off during a hike at Namsan together. within the middle of the hike, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. He added that Park Ha-Sun had tears in her eyes as she accepted.

After Marriage

  • Park Ha-Sun shared that he’s superb at cooking food and actively helps with the housework.
  • Park Ha-Sun gave birth to a female child weighing 3.5 kg (approximately 7.72 pounds) within the evening of August 23, 2017, at a hospital in Seoul.
  • There was a rumor saying that they were getting married because Park Ha-Sun was already pregnant. But, the couple denied the rumors.
  • Ryu Soo-Young shared his thoughts about his wife’s kissing scene during the April 14th broadcast of tvN’s drama Drink Alone. consistent with the actor, he immediately got upset about the scene and even felt terrible after watching the scene where Park Ha-Sun was sitting on her co-actor’s shoulders.

Actor Ryu Soo-Young’s TV Appearances: Movies, Dramas, Shows, etc.

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After Ryu Soo-Young made his acting debut as an additional, he managed to land supporting roles in hit dramas like Successful Story of a Bright Girl (2002), Save the Last Dance on behalf of me (2004), and Lawyers of the good Republic Korea (2008), also as leading roles in 18 vs. 29 (2005), Seoul 1945 (2006), and Bad Couple (2007). After he completed his military service from 2008 to 2010, he returned to television within the romantic comedy My Princess (2011) and therefore the popular family drama Ojakgyo Family.

It was rare to determine Ryu Soo-Young in TV programs. However, in 2013, the actor joined the truth show Real Men, where he won the most effective Star Award at the MBC Entertainment Awards. it absolutely was a series that revolved around 8 celebrities serving within the army. The series took inspiration from the concept of mandatory training that’s crucial for all South Korean men. Here is that the complete list of actor Ryu Soo-Young’s filmography:

Ryu Soo-Young’s Movie List

  • Summertime (2001) – Role Jin Woo / Sang Ho
  • Mirror (2002)
  • Blue (2003) – Role Sergeant Lee Kyeong-Il
  • The Attorney (2013) – Role Lee Chang-Joon

Ryu Soo-Young’s Drama List

  • Gibbs’ Family (2000 | MBC) – Role Resident 2
  • Love and Farewell (2000 | SBS) – Role Seol Jung Woo
  • Open Drama Man and Woman – A Fascinating Outing (2001 | SBS) – Role Jung Woo
  • Good Friends 2 (2001 | KBS2) – Role Radio AD
  • Navy (2001 | MBC) – Role Jung Hyun Soo
  • Open Drama Man and Woman – Green Card (2002 | SBS)
  • Successful Story of a Bright Girl (2002 | SBS) – Role Oh Joon Tae
  • Affection ( 2002 | SBS) – Role Jae Man
  • Open Drama Man and Woman – Accidentally (2002 | SBS)
  • The Maengs’ Golden Era (2002 | MBC) – Role Yoo Jung-Jae
  • First Love (2003 | SBS) – Role Hwang Hyung-Joon
  • Merry Go Round (2003 | MBC) – Role Jeon Soo-Hyung
  • New Gyun-Woo and Jik-Nyeo (2003 | MBC) – Role Shin Tae-Young
  • Jang Gil-San (2004 | SBS) – Role Lee Ji-Yong
  • MBC Best Theater – Butterfly (2004 | MBC) – Role Yoo Hyun-Soo
  • Save the Last Dance for Me (2004 | SBS) – Role Jung Tae-Min
  • 18 vs. 29 (2005 | KBS2) – Role Kang Sang-Young
  • Rebirth – Next (2005 | MBC) – Role Min Ki-Beom
  • Seoul 1945 (2006 | KBS1) – Role 1945 Choi Woon-Hyuk
  • Bad Couple (2007 | SBS) – Role Choi Gi-Chan
  • Lawyers of the Great Republic of Korea (2008 | MBC) – Role Byun Hyuk
  • My Princess (2011 | MBC) – Role Nam Jung-Woo
  • Ojakgyo Family (2011 | KBS2) – Role Hwang Tae-Beom
  • The Sons (2012 | MBC) – Role Yoo Min-Ki
  • Drama Special – The Memory in My Old Wallet (2013 | KBS2) – Role Lee Young-Jae
  • Two Weeks (2013 | MBC) – Role Im Seung-Woo
  • Endless Love (2014 | SBS) – Role Han Gwang-Hoon
  • Blood (2015 | KBS2) – Role Park Hyun-Seo
  • The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law (2015 | KBS2) – Role Cha Myeong-Seok
  • My Lawyer, Mr. Jo (2016 | KBS2) – Role Shin Ji-Wook
  • My Father Is Strange (2017 | KBS2) – Role Cha Jung-Hwan
  • Nice Witch (2018 | SBS) – Role Song Woo-Jin

Actor Ryu Soo-Young’s Advertisements

ryu soo young advertisement

Let’s check some Ryu Soo-Young’s advertisement list and his CF video below!

  • Nongshim Shin Ramen (농심 신라면) with Park Hyung Shik
  • Hyundai Securities (현대증권)
  • Dongbu Insurance (동부화재)
  • Ministry of Knowledge Economy (지식경제부)
  • JDC Jeju Airport Duty Free Shop (JDC 제주공항면세점)
  • Lotte Health One (롯데 헬스원)
  • Tuscalorra (투스카로라)
  • Gramgram (그램그램)

Actor Ryu Soo-Young’s Awards & Ambassador List

ryu soo young ambassador

Having started his career with variety shows, Ryu Soo-Young appeared in quite a few small roles in late 90s drama series like Gibb’s Family and Love and Farewell. All those small shows weren’t doing anything great for him as far as his career was concerned, but they paid his bills and got him more auditions. within the early 2000s, he appeared in drama series like Good Friends 2, Navy, and Successful Story of a Bright Girl, which was one of the very first key roles of his career and brought him fame. This also got him his very first acting award, The New Star Award, at the SBS Drama Awards that year.

Award List of Actor Ryu Soo-Young

  • SBS Drama Awards 2002 –  New Star Award (“Successful Story of a Bright Girl”)
  • SBS Drama Awards 2004 – Best Supporting Actor (“Save the Last Dance for Me”)
  • KBS Drama Awards 2006 – Top Excellence Award, Actor (“Seoul 1945”)
  • KBS Drama Awards 2011 – Best Couple Award with Choi Jung Yoon (“Ojakgyo Family”)
  • MBC Entertainment Awards 2013 – Star of the Year (“Real Men”)
  • KBS Drama Awards 2017 – Best Couple Award with Lee Yoo Ri (“Father Is Strange”)

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