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“Run On” has revealed new character posters

“Run On” has revealed new character posters of the cast, which made K-drama fans excited. Are you expected to this drama? 

Run On is a romance about people trying to connect with each other through their own languages after having lived in their individual worlds. It follows the story of former track and field athlete Ki Sun Kyum (Im Siwan), who retires after a life-changing event and becomes a sports agent, and Oh Mi Joo (Shin Se Kyung), a film translator. Recently, “Run On” has revealed new character posters! 

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Kang Tae Oh preview their heartwarming romance in posters

The new posters feature Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Kang Tae Oh. Sooyoung plays sports agency CEO Seo Dan Ah, who was the only child of Seomyung Group but was pushed down the order of successors for being female. Kang Tae Oh plays Lee Young Hwa, a popular art student who is handsome, kind, and charming.

In her poster, Seo Dan Ah is smiling calmly and confidently as she perches on a windowsill next to a painting. The caption reads, “A woman who thinks the only way to fail is to not try,” capturing her ambitious personality. Unsatisfied with her high-ranking position at the sports agency and her wealthy background, Seo Dan Ah is the type to work endlessly to reach even loftier goals.

Pic 1 - "Run On" has revealed new character posters

In his poster, Lee Young Hwa wears an apron smudged with paint as he sits among his art materials, a bright smile on his face. His caption reads, “A man who thinks controlling his feelings is impossible.” This pure mindset is exactly what gave him the courage to be straightforward in approaching Seo Dan Ah, and his sweet and warm personality is reflected in his soft appearance.

Pic 2 - "Run On" has revealed new character posters

The drama’s production team commented, “The key point in these character posters is their perspectives. Seo Dan Ah is sitting on the windowsill and observing Lee Young Hwa, who is looking up at her. If you try to imagine the moment at which their gazes will meet, you can get a glimpse into the storyline of their romance. Please look forward to the romance that will keep your hearts warm this winter.”

On November 25, the drama released their couple poster.

In the poster, Sooyoung and Kang Tae Oh pose together in a red convertible. They portray their characters’ love for each other with warm, wide smiles and twinkling eyes of joy. On Sooyoung’s side of the poster, the caption reads, “Don’t cross the line,” and the caption beside Kang Tae Oh responds, “You came running to me because I crossed the line.”

The two actors will depict a unique romance between a man who unconsciously crosses the line and goes straight forward without knowing what he wants and a woman who keeps forgetting the line that she drew to distance herself from others because of him.

Sooyoung and Kang Tae Oh
Sooyoung and Kang Tae Oh in the new poster

Im Siwan and Shin Se Kyung are destined for each other in “Run On” posters

In his poster, Im Siwan transforms into Ki Sun Kyum, who’s described as “a man whose fate is to only run forward”. Ki Sun Kyum usually doesn’t race without warming up first in fear of hurting himself, but when he sees Oh Mi Joo, he begins to run. As he’s catching his breath, Ki Sun Kyum sees Oh Mi Joo in front of him and smiles, unable to hide his happiness.

Pic 3 - "Run On" has revealed new character posters

Meanwhile, Oh Mi Joo is “a woman who must look back as if she’s affected by inertia”. She appears surprised to see Ki Sun Kyum, who has raced over to her. Oh Mi Joo, who had only kept rewinding scenes from films she translates, is now looking behind her in the real world – and that’s because of Ki Sun Kyum, who is always finding his way toward her.

Pic 4 - "Run On" has revealed new character posters

Ki Sun Kyum begins to smile in a way he hasn’t before, and Oh Mi Joo continues to be surprised by his bright expressions, hinting at a budding romance.

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