Rude netizens fill YoonA’s Instagram with comments about Lee Seung Gi’s dating news

rude comments

Netizens have recently frowned upon some rude comments left on YoonA’s Instagram account.

Many netizens criticize some rude comments who have left irrational comments on the Girls’ Generation’s YoonA social media account.

On May 24, one netizen pointed out an issue in an online community creating a post with the title, “There is a commotion on YoonA’s Instagram just as expected.”

rude comments

The online community post included a captured photo of one of YoonA’s Instagram posts which had a few comments about Lee Seung Gi’s dating news. The writer of the online community post criticized, saying, “there are some fans who are going to YoonA’s Instagram after the news that Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In are dating. They broke up a super long time ago. These people have to go to her page to leave comments. This is why you can’t date publically.”

In fact, there were a few netizens who commented, “Hope Lee Seung Gi regrets losing YoonA”, and “Seung Gi and Da In said they’re dating” on YoonA’s post.

Other netizens criticized that these individuals are being rude and stated, “These people have no life, they need to stop,” “This is just so pathetic these people,” “They must have a lot of time on their hands,” and “they’re really embarrassing.”

rude comments

Before that, on May 24, Lee Da In’s agency 9Ato Entertainment confirmed reports that the actress was dating Lee Seung Gi, explaining that they “have been carefully getting to know each other since five or six months ago.”

That same day, Lee Seung Gi’s longtime agency Hook Entertainment announced that the star was parting ways with the company in order to establish his own one-man agency, reportedly as a joint venture with his father.

On May 26, Lee Seung Gi’s new agency Human Made released its own statement confirming his relationship with Lee Da In. The statement also indirectly refuted rumors about the couple planning to get married, emphasizing that “they are at the stage where they are slowly getting to know one another” and asking that people “refrain from groundless speculation and unconfirmed reports.”

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