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Lee Si Young’s bubbly performance of an endocrinologist, who can explain everything that happens to an individual through analyzing hormones, delights on the primary outing of Risky Romance. But the fictional love trance with Ji Hyun Woo requires more convincing within the coming episodes, a minimum of for now.

Taking a zesty route unfamiliar for many medical dramas which usually focuses on overwhelming stories and politics, MBC’s newest drama appears to prioritize the romantic plot, with probably medical cases to support the side stories enhancing the series.

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Neuro-surgeon Han Seung Joo wont to be a kind-hearted doctor. When he, unfortunately, got caught in an exceedingly vehicular accident that also killed his close friend, he wakes up and strangely becomes the precise opposite of his old pleasant demeanor.

Meanwhile, Joo In Ah embodies all the adjectives of a decent doctor that Dr. Han is lacking. When the latter finds her picture within the house of his dead friend’s belongings, he suspects her to be the lady who led to his friend’s demise, not knowing that it’s Dr. Joo’s ambitious sister who won’t to date him.

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Dr. Joo agrees to hitch Dr. Han and therefore the returning son of the hospital director Cha Jae Hwan to go to Thailand to sign the deal of a business venture; within the hopes of creating Dr. Han conform to complete the biopsy which he has been refusing to try to since his major accident.

Dr. Joo witnesses Dr. Han’s fearfulness when on the way to the hospital they saw a traffic accident reminding the latter of his friend’s accident. It solidifies her earlier diagnosis that Dr. Han should avoid sudden emotional change which can stir the hormones in his body.

Dr. Han also recognizes the bag he bought for his friend to provide to the girl he likes when Dr. Joo’s sister gave it to her for failing to pay her share of expenses in their house.

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Jumping into wrong conclusions and patiently for each side running off, Dr. Joo is dragged out by him when she tailed him to a close-by yacht. Thinking he is spending a fanatical moment with a fellow doctor who hinted desperate to be with the surgeon, Dr. Joo fears for Dr. Han’s health. But the latter interprets it as being nosy. His animosity to her because the explanation for his friend’s death ends up in an exchange of unpleasant words.

She blurts out the reason for her strange actions, mumbling how she worries about the abrupt emotional shift, sort of a kiss, or what comes after because it may not do Dr. Joo any good.

Dr. Han covers her lips together with his to prove her suppositions to be false, and he earns a decent apply his face for the sudden kiss.

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Risky Romance opted for a non-flashy introduction and was straightforward in introducing the most leads and the way they’ll be moving forward given their connections. On a solacement, it seems that the hospital set premise won’t follow the same old path of emotionally taxing politics, and whether or not it’ll, the love plot seems to be ready to cushion for a good showing.

Risky Romance airs on MBC every Monday and Tuesday.

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