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‘Reply 1988’ actor Choi Sung Won hospitalized

‘Reply 1988′ actor C’Reply 1988’ actor Choi Sung Won hospitalized due to recurrence of leukaemia. 

Choi Sung Won was reported to have recovered from acute leukaemia in February of 2017 after being diagnosed in May of 2016, but according to reports on November 20, the cancer is back after almost 4 years of remission. Viewers of ‘Reply 1988‘ know the actor for playing the role of Sung Noeul in the beloved drama series. 

Fellow actor Joo Min Jin has been posting on social media to find a matching donor for a transfusion for Choi Sung Won.

Choi Sung Won has also starred in hit dramas like ‘Big Issue‘ and ‘Psychopath Diary‘.

Reply 1988‘ actor Choi Sung Won hospitalized. Stay tuned for updates on the actor. Don’t forget to catch up with the latest Korean Entertainment News with us every day! 

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