Regretfully 3 Korean stars famous after 1 night and so “flop”

Regretfully 3 Korean stars famous after 1 night and so “flop”: Actor in “Boys Over Flowers” flops badly, the worst is in “High kick 1”

Although this Korean star group is legendary after a lifetime role, their name at the current time isn’t any longer attractive to the general public. In addition to the faces of trouble within the show business, but never before becoming famous, the Korean movie industry is additionally not wanting Korean stars who are “flop” after one night and so forever sink. For instance, there are three talented but uncharacteristic faces below.

1. Kim Joon

Besides the prominent names of Boys Over Flowers like Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, Kim Hyun JoongKim Joon (who plays Song Woo Bin) also left many impressions on the audience. Kim Joon isn’t only multi-talented as a bit of F4 but also takes on the position of a musician of Boys Over Flowers. However, it seems that after the hotness of Boys Over Flowers “down”, his name gradually decreased. The proof is that a lot of years later, Kim Joon did participate in movies, but most of them are works that not many folks realize. it’s known that the actor is currently married and includes a daughter.

Kim Joon
His most up-to-date movie is Friday the 13th: The Conspiracy Begins. However, this is often alittle project, so it’s not known to several audiences

2. Lee Young Ah

Lee Young Ah is a familiar name to Vietnamese audiences due to her role in Golden Bride. However, Bread, Love and Dreams is the platform to assist the actress’ name causing fever everywhere in Asia. within the drama, Lee Young Ah plays Yang Mi Sun – a lady who loves baking and features a crush on Kim Tak Goo (Yoon Shi Yoon). However, after this blockbuster, the following films that she participated in failed to attract the general public much. The last project she worked on before hiding was like to the tip.

lee young ah
Currently, the actress is married and temporarily suspends artistic activities

3. Seo Min Jeong

As one of the foremost popular characters within the High kick 1, Seo Min Jeong was once a face of interest at the time the drama aired. This popular sitcom title is additionally a platform to boost the names of a series of famous actors today like Hwang Jung Eum, Park Min Young. However, after the good success of the film, teacher Seo Min Jeong suddenly withdrew from the entertainment world to urge married.

seo min jeong
After one night, Seo Min Jeong is no longer acting, mainly appearing on television to share memories of High kick 1.

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