Red Velvet’s Wendy will be releasing her first solo album “Like Water”

Netizens are mesmerized by the beautiful special package for Wendy’s first solo album “Like Water”

Wendy has been releasing various teaser content in preparation for her solo debut album “Like Water”. So far, Wendy has released various photos with a nature backdrop, posing in the forest within the greenery.

She also recently unveiled the special package for the limited edition version of the album. the special package is made with blue flowers encased in resin. The special package has been shared in various online communities where netizens expressed how much they love the beautiful cover.

"Like Water"

One netizen explained that blue is the color Wendy is in charge of within Red Velvet. She praised how beautiful the special package was while other netizens also joined in to compliment the album for its aesthetic beauty.

Netizens commented, “The cover is so beautiful”, “I really want that”, “I think those are real flowers”, “They’re only releasing 300 copies. I already give up lol”, “I don’t think those are real flowers, it’s printed flowers”, “I really want to buy that”, and “They should’ve made 3,000 not 300”.

Red Velvet’s Wendy will be making her official solo debut on April 5 with her first mini-album “Like Water”, which will contain five songs.

According to SM Entertainment’s official press release, Wendy will be making her solo debut on April 5 with her first mini-album “Like Water”. Like Water will contain five songs that relay Wendy’s sincere messages and are filled with her warm emotions.

"Like Water"

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