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Red Velvet’s sub-unit debut MV “Monster” is out now!

After al delays, Red Velvet’s sub-unit debut MV “Monster” is out now! Let’s check out the “Monster” in their latest MV. 

Irene & Seulgi released their first mini album “Monster” on July 6 at 6 p.m. KST, and the music video for their title track of the same name was revealed on July 7 at 12 p.m. KST.

“Monster” is a medium tempo pop dance track with intense keyboard, heavy bass, and powerful dubstep sounds. The lyrics express becoming a monster that dances and bothers someone in their dreams.

Previously, ReVeluvs were hit with disappointment when SM Entertainment first announced that the Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi subunit debut had been delayed from mid-June to early July. Then, on the day of release, tensions are high as the sub-unit faces yet another delay.

The music video for “Monster”, the first single by Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi, was due to release on 6PM Korean Standard Time on July 6.

One hour prior, Irene and Seulgi hosted a live broadcast sharing their enthusiasm with fans, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. In fact, the members were encouraged to wrap up the stream quickly in time for the song’s release.

Red Velvet's sub-unit debut MV "Monster" is out now! - Delays

However, when 6PM hit, the music video was nowhere to be found on YouTube. At first, fans assumed that SM Entertainment was just a few minutes late, but as time went by, tensions rose.

Within 20 minutes, “WHERE’S THE MV” was trending worldwide on Twitter at #15, with “#monsterIShere” at #1 and “#RedVelvet_IRENE_SEULGI” at #3.

The album was released on music streaming platforms, including MelOn and Spotify, at the correct time, leading fans to wonder what could be behind the music video delay.

Red Velvet's sub-unit debut MV "Monster" is out now! - "Monster" MV is finally out

Finally, Red Velvet‘s sub-unit debut MV “Monster” is out now! Let’s check it out and tell us how you feel about this MV! 

Stay tuned for more updates in the future!



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