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Red Velvet Reveal What They Plan For Rest Of 2020

Irene, Seulgi, Joy, and Yeri of Red Velvet sat down for an interview where they opened up about what all of them, including Wendy, have been up to, Irene and Seulgi’s “Monster” activities, and reveal plans for the rest of 2020

Red Velvet Reveal What They Plan For Rest Of 2020
Red Velvet Reveal What They Plan For Rest Of 2020

The members looked back on 2020 so far and caught fans up with what they’ve been doing. Yeri said, “I’ve been greeting fans through my YouTube reality show ‘Yeri’s Room.’ I get to have many new experiences and meet many people through that show. And I’ve also become the muse of a cosmetics brand. On top of that, I also exercise and just enjoy life.” Joy said, “I partook in a lot of fashion pictorials, and I sung a drama OST in the first half of the year that did better than I expected. I also featured in Crush’s song, and quite a lot of variety shows invited me this year. I appeared on ‘Handsome Tigers‘ and ‘Salty Tour.’”

Red Velvet Reveal What They Plan For Rest Of 2020
Red Velvet Reveal What They Plan For Rest Of 2020

Irene and Seulgi recently made their unit debut with “Monster,” and they expressed that the results have been better than they’d hoped for. Irene said, “We put a lot of care into what we did, from recording our songs to preparing everything. Every time we did something, we’d talk to each other and other people, and we tried to get a lot of feedback. For us, ‘Monster’ was something new, so we wanted to do well and not tarnish Red Velvet’s name in any way.” Seulgi added, “It wasn’t easy taking on that new concept. Even as we were preparing, we kept saying ‘This really isn’t easy.’ But we put so much effort into it and I think people felt that. As this was our first work as a unit group, both we and the agency were nervous and thought a lot about how we could make it better.”

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Irene and Seulgi have also been greeting fans through their “Level Up Irene x Seulgi Project” reality show. They stated, “We were asked quite a lot about each other in interviews and radio shows for our unit group activities. So we ended up thinking about each other a lot, and we learned to understand how each other thought as well.”

Red Velvet Reveal What They Plan For Rest Of 2020

Yeri shared that she’d watched all of the episodes and said, “I was always excited to see what they would do next, and seeing their gestures change and the intense performance they took on, which was different from what we do in Red Velvet, I thought they were so cool. Seeing their performance from off-stage, they looked so cool and pretty. For me, our members always stood out on stage compared to other singers.” Joy added, “The two of them aren’t really talkative on variety shows, so I wondered if things would go well, but they have this cute and close connection that made me keep watching.”

The members were also able to share an update on Wendy, who has been taking a break from activities since she suffered an injury last December. Seulgi said, “Wendy is the most hardworking member out of all of us these days. She’s going through her rehabilitation program and going to the practice room to work on her singing. She stays in constant contact with us. [During our ‘Monster’ activities], she was always the first to say she enjoyed our performances and cheer us on.”

Finally, the members shared their goals for the rest of 2020 as Irene said, “First, our unit group will be promoting ‘Naughty,’ and then we hope to return as a group as well. We’ll be doing both group and individual activities, so please anticipate it.”

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