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For an extended time, YG Entertainment has been referred to as the pioneer of hip-hop-based K-Pop within the Korean industry, starting with its founder, Yang Hyun-suk, sting with the group Seo Tai-ji and also the Boys. The agency has produced quality act after quality act which has then become cultural phenomenons, like SE7EN, PSY, Epik High, Big Bang, 2NE1, Winner, IKON, and, last, BLACKPINK. These acts have dominated the industry for over 10 consecutive years, making YG Entertainment one of all the foremost powerful players within the industry today.

Yet, recently, the corporate seems to possess gone into a slump, criticized for prioritizing their popular acts and not paying enough attention to the acts the corporate has acquired through survival and audition programs. Not only that but in recent months they need also gotten caught during a nationwide scandal that puts into question the credibility and trustworthiness of the corporate. Despite it, they came through with some acts still making their promotional rounds and renewing the image of the corporate, one of them being the rapper and actor, ONE.

ONE is YG Entertainment’s most unusual act, therein the way he got into the corporate and promoted under the corporate is incredibly different from his peers. From debuting in a very small agency as a part of a hip hop duo to creating it big through a Mnet survival show then getting picked up by YG Entertainment as a solo rapper-turned-actor is way from the standard K-Pop star journey. So are you interested in ONE’s journey throughout his career? Or what he has been doing recently, other than his musical career? Well, wait no more as we dive into ONE’s profile, career journey, and latest activity!

Full ONE’s profile

one profile

Name: Jung Jae-won
Birthdate: March 29th 1994 (25 years old)
Birth Place: Seoul, Asian country
Astrology Sign: Aries/Dog
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Blood Type: A
Agency: YG Entertainment
Debut: 1PUNCH 1st single album ‘The Authem’ in 2014

ONE random facts

one fact

  • His nom de guerre, ONE, is taken from the last syllable of his real name, Jung Jae-won. When he promotes as a rapper he uses his anonym, but as an actor, he’s usually credited under his real name.
    His life motto is ‘No Regrets.’
  • He thinks that his strength is his ability to pay attention to others fine, while his weakness is obsessing over one thing for a protracted time.
  • His ideal type is Amanda Seyfried, he fell for her initially sight and even followed her during her promotion tour in Korea.
  • For him to sleep soundly, he needs up to three pillows to use in his sleep.
  • He includes a palm reception that he takes care of.
  • He likes natural light quite fluorescent light.
  • He stars in Lee Hi’s music video for ‘My Star,’ as Lee Hi’s love interest.
  • He comes in MOBB’s music video for ‘Hit Me.’
  • When he was little, ONE dreamed of being a movie director when he grew up. This leads him to quit school at 17, writing scenario after scenario, participating in drama productions, and attending auditions.

Debut as 1Punch With Samuel

ONE first started off as a rapper under Brave Entertainment, who debuted with the group 1PUNCH. The group consisted of himself and former Produce 101 trainee, Kim Samuel, who, at the time, still promoted under the pseudonym Punch, hence the group name. The duo debuted in 2014 with the songs ‘Nightmare’ and ‘Take Me Back.’

What drew fans to the group is that Punch wont to be a trainee under Pledis Entertainment who trained with SEVENTEEN, and also the age difference between ONE and Punch, which is 9 years, something very rare in Korean groups. shortly after their debut, a year and a number of other singles later, ONE decided to do his hand at the Mnet show, ‘Show Me the cash 4,’ which led to him leaving his company and group to sign with YG Entertainment.

ONE in Show Me The Money

After he spent a while removed from 1PUNCH promotions, he decided to travel on Show Me the money 4 in hopes of achieving fame and recognition. He felt that he could promote the group and also improve his skills by happening the show. When he first was seen on the screen, he was dubbed together of the three Flower Boy Rappers, alongside actor Kim Min-jae and SEVENTEEN’s Vernon. He received glowing reviews and everyone passes within the first and second rounds, but as he reached the third, rapper Hanhae had put down his decision and failed to pass him for the round.

In the one-on-one rap battle, he had to travel against MONSTA X’s Joo-heon head-to-head. The battle was fierce and intense, but he managed to scrape through the round and made it in Zico and Paloalto’s team. When the team performed during the digital single mission, they deemed that he was underperforming and decided to let him go from the team, eliminating his chances of winning on the show. He may need to be eliminated from the show, but this eventually led him to be picked up by YG Entertainment.

After a year of coaching with YG Entertainment, ONE decided to all over again challenge the variability show and auditioned for Show Me the Money 5. now he had the bear a load of being another rapper from YG Entertainment, office that had produced the previous two winners, setting the bar high from him. within the first round, he thankfully lapsed Dok2, but within the second round, he was actually failed by the Illionaire team. Not only that, by the cipher mission, he actually had made plenty of mistakes regarding his lyrics and forgot a part of them, so he ended up repeating himself.

In the one-on-one battle, ONE was faced with Lee Gyu-hwan, an amateur rapper that had been receiving glowing praise from the judges. At the time he wasn’t feeling well, so he took some vitamins and medicine that made him a touch drowsy, causing him to forget the lyrics and have to depend upon his freestyle. thanks to his failure to rap properly during his beat, without the consent of Lee Gyu-hwan, he started rapping over Lee Gyu-hwan’s beat, causing him to lose a part of his verse. Not only that, after Lee Gyu-hwan finished his verse, he started rapping again at the tail of the beat, since there are still some left. The judges ended up picking ONE for his creativity, but it doesn’t mean that Lee Gyu-hwan was a nasty rapper.

This one-on-one battle also caused him to receive some criticism from the judges, who were stating that if it had been not for his handsome face and YG Entertainment backing him up, the general public wouldn’t think that he had the talent to be ready to reach the finals. After the battle, he chose to travel with Simon D and grey’s team, although he kept being cast because of the black sheep and was always up for elimination from the team. As a part of the team, their first mission was the mission within which he failed the primary time around, the digital single mission. because of his failures, he worked twice as hard and was ready to the last detail. This resulted in him delivering his best rap yet.

During the team diss battle round, he was matched up with rapper Seo Chul-gu, one of the strongest candidates when it came to fan support and expectations to become the winner of the competition. the 2 partook in an exceedingly diss battle that remarked some interesting points about each other, like ONE’s option to ditch 1PUNCH and Brave Entertainment to hitch YG Entertainment, also his option to join Show Me the money again under a YG subsidiary, THE BLACK LABEL headed by YG producer, Kush. These styles of disses took him off-guard and caused him to yet again forget his lyrics.

For his final performance, ONE went head-to-go with rapper G2 and Sharp Gun. G2 is another competitor that had high expectations of winning the trophy, but that doesn’t mean that ONE was lagging far behind. ONE performed his final performance together with his producers, Simon D and Gray, with the song ‘Comfortable.’ The song is described as very sweet and straightforward listening, something of a specialty of producer Gray, and also matched well with ONE’s rapping style. The song tells a story from ONE’s point of view, about his troubles and challenges and his honest thoughts about all the items he has been through. Sadly, he was unable to receive the votes and money to advance to the following round, because the other competitor managed to boost lots more cash than he did. Despite it, ‘Comfortable’ ranked no.1 once it had been released on online digital streaming sites.

Become Solo Rapper and Actor Under YG Entertainment

one yg

Right after his riff on Show Me the cash 4, ONE was offered a chance to hitch YG Entertainment. This comes off as quite shocking because, at the time, he was only a year into his debut with 1PUNCH; people didn’t expect him to go away from his current company and abandon the duo he debuted in. Despite that, industry insiders told the press that the rapper had recently joined YG Entertainment, which he had already started training with the agency. ONE’s associate told Daily Sports, “YG was really curious about ONE when he was on Show Me the cash 4. They thought he had the talent to be one of every of the highest rappers on the show. He also has the looks of an idol. He still must improve, but he’s a true gem. he’s currently training, so there isn’t a group schedule for an album release yet.”

As ONE headed off to YG Entertainment, his former member, Punch, said he will still be preparing for a solo comeback. “1Punch is now practically disbanded,” Brave Entertainment said on September 21. “Even though ONE has moved managing agencies, Punch will still be performing under the name 1Punch. he’s currently preparing for a comeback.” Earlier that morning, several news sources also reported on ONE’s new contract with YG Entertainment, with the agency stating that “It is true that we’ve signed a contract with ONE.”

The recent news about ONE joining YG Entertainment also sparked rumors about the rapper being IKON’s new member, because the group was still surfing some preparations for his or her debut following their hit survival show, MIX&MATCH. The rumors started on September 23, when a source insisted that ONE would become a brand new member of iKON but, soon after, a representative from YG Entertainment addressed the rumors and spoke with news outlet Star News saying, “iKON has already started their debut project and filmed their music video with seven members. there’s no truth to claims of 1 joining iKON.” The representative continues, “iKON’s members were determined by a competitive survival [show] so adding a replacement member would be difficult.”

It took a while for fans to finally get updates about ONE’s activity and debut preparations, but, thankfully, by 2017, it had been announced that ONE would be making a debut under YG Entertainment because the first solo artist the agency would debut in 14 years, following SE7EN’s debut in 2003. He officially made his debut on July 11th, 2017, with the song, Gettin’ By. ONE responded, “It’s definitely something I feel plenty of pressure about. After seeing articles, the burden is certainly there but I’m doing my best to regulate my mind so on not feel it the maximum amount.” The rapper also talked about how Yang Hyun-suk showed his support for ONE’s debut and said, “I want to thank Yang Hyung-suk. He sent me a text saying, ‘Work hard and be healthy,’ and also the ‘be healthy’ part was unexpectedly really moving on behalf of me.”

Despite initial hype for his debut after his appearance on season 4 and season 5 of Show Me the Money, YG Entertainment was unable to sustain its long run, with fewer and fewer projects allotted to at least one. For ages, all he did was photoshoots and appearances at brand events, but no new singles or comebacks were visible. it absolutely was then, in late 2017, that it had been announced he would be diving into the globe of acting through the drama, Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey. Ever since then, ONE has been promoting under his real name as an actor, mostly that specializes in dramas, but he’s because of his debut on the massive screen this coming May.


As a rapper, ONE has released some singles and collaboration projects over the years, from his days with 1PUNCH to his debut album and Show Me the money singles, let’s take a glance at ONE’s discography over the years.

Single Albums: One Day

  • Released: July 11, 2017
  • Label: YG Entertainment
  • Formats: CD, digital download
  • Peak positions: KOR 6, TW 15
  • Sales KOR: 8,551


Title Year Peak
Sales Album
“I’m Not The Person You Used To Know” (with Simon D, G2, & BewhY) 2016 2
  • KOR: 751,667+
Show Me the
Money 5
“Comfortable” (맘 편히) (with Simon Dominic & Gray) 1
  • KOR: 750,349+
“Gettin’ by” (그냥 그래) 2017 59
  • KOR: 34,949+
One Day
“Heyahe” (해야해)
  • KOR: 20,880+


Title Year Peak
Sales Album
“Peep” (힐끔힐끔) (with Dok2 & The Quiett) 2015 N/A #Jeilx


He may be considered as a rookie actor, but he certainly has his one set of repertoire acting against A-List actors and actresses, like Lee Seung-gi, Park Min-young, Cha Seung-won, and more. Let’s take a glance at Jung Jae-won’s acting career so far!


one film

ONE in “Goodbye Summer”

  • 2019 – Goodbye Summer – Role Hyun Jae

Television Series

one film

ONE in “Arthdal chronicles”

  • 2017 | tvN – A Korean Odyssey – Role Hong Hae-ah 
  • 2018 | tvN – Drama Stage – Anthology – Role Song Jin-hyun 
  • 2018 | tvN – Room No. 9 – Role Ki Chan-sung 
  • 2019 | tvN – Arthdal Chronicles – Role Ta Gon (young)
  • 2019 | tvN – Her Private Life – Role Cha Shi-an

That’s all information about ONE’s profile. Comment below if you want to know more about other celebrities!

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