MBC’s upcoming drama “Please Don’t Meet Him” has released its third teaser, which made K-drama fans excited!

“Please Don’t Meet Him”  is a rom-com drama about women who use artificial intelligence (AI) devices to make decisions about whom to date.

The third teaser focuses on the three female characters in the drama. Seo Ji Sung stars as Seo Ji Sung, a developer at a company that makes AI technology. Gong Min Jung plays Tak Ki Hyun, a café owner with an unusual palate who is unafraid to speak the truth in any situation. Yoon Bomi plays Moon Ye Seul, a woman who falls head over heels and doesn’t listen to reason when she’s in love, even losing her job because she agreed to be the guarantor for her ex-boyfriend’s loans.

In the teaser, Seo Ji Sung is in despair because of her mysterious AI refrigerator, even breaking down in tears at work. But then she crosses paths with Jung Gook Hee (Lee Jun Young), a firefighter who is so retro he doesn’t even own a smartphone. Tak Ki Hyun says, “I think we should get a divorce,” but is soon caught between Kam Oh Joong (Kim Kyung Il) and Kim Sang Sik (Kim Tae Gyum), two men who both seem to have a relationship with her. Yoon Bomi throws a drink in her ex-boyfriend’s face, seemingly having learned her lesson, but immediately falls in love with the handsome dentist Han Yoo Jin (Joo Woo Jae).

“Please Don’t Meet Him” has released its third teaser. The drama premieres on November 10. Don't forget to catch up with the latest Korean drama news with us every day!