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Park Soo Hong has been admitted to the hospital

Comedian Park Soo Hong has been admitted to the hospital after being assaulted by his father. What do you think about that?

On October 4, Park Soo Hong’s legal representative and lawyer Noh Jong Eon said, “Park Soo Hong was assaulted and threatened by his father while undergoing a cross-examination by the prosecution and has been taken to the emergency room.”

Park Soo Hong was scheduled to face cross-examination on October 4 at 10 a.m. KST with his brother who has only been identified by his surname Park. Park Soo Hong’s brother was arrested in early September on charges of embezzling an estimated 11.6 billion won (approximately $8.1 million) from Park Soo Hong. Mr. Park’s case was forwarded to the prosecution later in the month and has been under investigation since. Park Soo Hong’s father, also identified only by his surname Park, and his sister-in-law Ms. Lee were present together at the cross-examination as witnesses.

According to Noh Jong Eon, Park Soo Hong’s father attacked his son multiple times, which included kicking him and delivering verbal threats.

Park Soo Hong was transferred to the emergency room of a nearby hospital after fainting due to severe stress and shock. However, the degrees of his injuries were reported to not be serious.

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In 1991, Park won bronze in the National College Comedy Contest, making his official debut in the South Korean entertainment industry. In the early 1990s, Park was a part of a group of comedians who called themselves Team Potato (Korean: 감자골), composed of Kim Gook-jin, Kim Soo-yong, and Kim Yong-man, who all debuted in the same year on KBS. It had been reported that Kim Yong-man had been admitted to hospital due to their busy schedule, and therefore Kim Gook-jin attempted to reason with television program producers to lighten their workload. However, this request was not received well by producers, who then decided it was necessary to permanently ban Team Potato from making appearances on television. As a result, in January 1993, the four comedians planned to leave South Korea for the United States of America, taking a break from the South Korean entertainment industry, although ultimately, only Kim Yong-man and Kim Gook-jin went to the United States of America, while Park began his compulsory army duty and Kim Soo-yong went to Canada.

In 2004, Park hosted the 2004 MBC Entertainment Awards, along with Kim Won-hee. In 2005, he hosted the 41st Baeksang Arts Awards, with announcer Lee Hye-seung. In 2017, Park hosted the 2017 KBS Drama Awards, along with Lee Yoo-ri and Namkoong Min. In 2018, he hosted the 2018 Miss Korea pageant, alongside Yura (Girl’s Day).

Park Soo Hong has been admitted to the hospital. Don’t forget to catch up with the latest Korean entertainment news daily!

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