Park So Dam and Park Bo Gum appear in new teaser of tvN's upcoming drama "Record of Youth", where pursue both love and dreams.

Record of Youth” stars Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, and Byun Woo Seok, and follows the story of young people in the modeling industry who are trying to achieve their dreams.

Park Bo Gum plays the bright and warm yet realistic Sa Hye Joon, who’s aiming to become a model and actor. Park So Dam takes on the role of sensible and hardworking Ahn Jung Ha, who is Sa Hye Joon’s fan. She enters a major company after graduating from a top college, but three years later, she gives up her job to chase her dream of becoming a makeup artist.

Park So Dam and Park Bo Gum appear in new teaser, which begins with clips that depict Sa Hye Joon as a model and Ahn Jung Ha as his dedicated fan. However, Ahn Jung Ha suddenly shares, “I’ve decided to quit fangirling over you.” Instead, in the following scene, she gets up close and personal working for him as a makeup artist.

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Sweet moments between the two flash by as Sa Hye Joon confesses, “I feel comfortable when I’m with you. I feel a sense of stability.” When Ahn Jung Ha comments, “I feel as if I’m alone in this world,” Sa Hye Joon replies, “I’ll call you when it rains. You are not alone.” Sa Hye Joon wraps his scarf around Ahn Jung Ha as she shyly asks, “Aren’t you too close?

Check out the full teaser below:

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