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Park Ji Hoon, Lee Ruby, And More Get Silly In The New Release Behind The Scenes Video Of “Love Revolution”

The cast of “Love Revolution” gets playful in an exciting new behind-the-scenes video!

The newly released making-of video begins with Park Ji Hoon and Lee Ruby hilariously fanning a tiramisu cake. Park Ji Hoon shares, “Tiramisu sunbaenim is feeling hot.”

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While filming a different scene, Park Ji Hoon gets animated as he makes up a story on the spot. When they pause filming, Lee Ruby bursts out laughing and asks, “What nonsense is this?” Concerned, Park Ji Hoon asks, “Is it okay for me to ramble like this?” When filming restarts, Park Ji Hoon continues to tell a nonsensical tale about chopping ingredients to make a watermelon salad.

Love Revolution

Furthermore, Park Ji Hoon and Lee Ruby playfully film their date scene at a café. At the end of the day, the two wrap up their romantic scene and have an unexpected staring contest, which Lee Ruby wins. Indoors in Gong Ju Young’s (Park Ji Hoon’s) room, Ko Chan Bin gives it his all to film a comical scene. The cast gets chaotic as things go wrong while preparing to surprise Park Ji Hoon.

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In another scene at the basketball courts, Park Ji Hoon pretends to call Lee Ruby but is shocked when the director recites her lines. The director says, “No,” throwing Park Ji Hoon off guard. Park Ji Hoon explains, “I thought you meant that my line wouldn’t do. I thought my emotions weren’t right. I was surprised.”

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The final behind-the-scenes clip ends with Lee Ruby and Jung Da Eun having a blast acting like middle school students.

Watch the full making-of video below!

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