Park Hye Soo returns to the big screen

Cover - Park Hye Soo returns to the big screen

Park Hye Soo returns to the big screen after receiving a wave of backlash due to the bullying issue. How do you think about her decision?

In a recent report cited by Osen, the Age of Youth star’s agency Studio Santa Claus confirmed that the 26-year old actress has begun filming the movie “You and I”

The low-budget movie was helmed by actor and filmmaker Jo Hyun Chul, who is known for his role within the megahit K-drama Hotel Del Luna and the 2019 SBS drama “The Lies Within.”

Park Hye Soo and also theMemories of the Alhambra star first worked together in their 2020 comedy-drama “Samjin Company grade,” where the actress plays the lead character Shim Bo Ram, and Jo Hyun Chul portrays Choe Dong Soo.

Netizens Blasted Park Hye Soo’s Comeback amid Bullying Issue

Pic 1 - Park Hye Soo returns to the big screen

Following the confirmation regarding her comeback, Netizens aired their dismay over social media and slammed the 26-year old actress.

Twitter users called Park Hye Soo “shameless” and have “no conscience” for selecting to look during a movie despite her ongoing controversy.

On the opposite hand, a private cited the actress’ upcoming drama and said that the show should refilm “Dear.M” rather than Park Hye Soo starring as a lead character.

What Started Park Hye Soo’s Controversy

Amid the news and update regarding the upcoming drama “Dear.M,” lead actress Park Hye Soo faced accusations regarding school bullying.

It came after an internet user exposed the “Introverted Boss” star and claimed that the user, said as “C,” was a victim of harassment by a “popular actress who encompasses a pure image.”

A few days later, the web user named the actress and said that it had been Park Hye Soo.

Her agency immediately addressed the allegations and denied that their talent wasn’t involved in school violence.

In addition, the agency shared that they need to conduct a radical investigation regarding the “authenticity of the content of the alleged victim’s post.”

“As a result, we’ve confirmed that the posts are false information aimed to malicious slander Park Hye Soo by exploiting the social atmosphere of college violence,” Studio Santa Claus statement reads.

Park Hye Soo Bullying Scandal ends up in Delay of Korean Drama “Dear. M”

Pic 2 - Park Hye Soo returns to the big screenDespite her agency’s statement, KBS 2TV released an announcement saying that the forthcoming drama had been delayed following the controversy “surrounding one among the “Dear.M” cast members.”

Moreover, the broadcasting network added that this move is to “ensure a high-quality release.

“Dear.M” was initially scheduled for February 26 with 12 episodes but was postponed because of Park Hye Soo‘s bullying scandal.

Park Hye Soo Spoke About the Bullying Issue

With the effect of the controversy, the “Age of Youth” star addressed the problem and said that she’s the one who experienced bullying.

In a lengthy note posted on Hye-soo‘s Instagram, she began by denying the claims and recalled that she was victimized by “malicious and false rumors.”

At the time, she was rumored to visit the US to not study but to own an abortion. This could cause her to “wake up to texts with severe curse words and harassment.”

In the end, the actress apologized to KBS and therefore the cast and staff of “Dear.M” for causing trouble.

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