Outfit of BTS’s “Butter” some items cost as low as $36, while others go over $1,000 USD!

Here’s how much it costs to dress like BTS in their “Butter” special performance video

BTS recently released a special performance video for “Butter.” They all stayed within the song’s vibe as they coordinated in yellow, but each member maintained their own unique style! Here’s how much it costs to dress like BTS in their “Butter” special performance video…

1. RM

RM wore a matching set of a military liner jacket and beach shorts from Universal Works. They cost $319 USD and $140 USD, respectively. His printed pocket T-shirt is $92 USD. His bandana-print canvas sneakers are from RHUDE and cost $395 USD.


2. Jin

Jin’s bright pop of yellow comes from a simple button-up and a pair of Vans shoes. This version of Vans is called Authentic 44 DX Anaheim Sidewall and is $100 USD.


If you want to accessorize like Jin, his two unique pieces of jewelry are very contrasting in cost. First is the silver locket bracelet for $430 USD, which is Louis Vuitton for UNICEF. The more economical item is the Hanami by Rome Bandana necklace from Universal Works for $36 USD.

3. Suga

Suga looked especially cute in his yellow and blue outfits! His smiley earth embroidered T-shirt is from Andersson Bell and costs $76 USD. His railroad striped jeans is Levi’s and $110 USD. He accessorized with a pair Vault Old Skool Vans for $100 USD and a classic Polo Ralph Lauren cap for $40 USD.

4. J-Hope

J-Hope layered a golden sleeveless oversized sweater over the top of a white T-shirt. This Raf Simons sweater costs $577 USD. Also from Raf Simons is an uneven knee patch jeans for $733 USD.


He accessorized with a pair of Garold sneakers from GANT for $138 USD. He also wore a badge set from Raf Simons that come at a surprising price of $190 USD! His beaded bracelet from Vintage Hollywood is $62 USD.

5. Jimin

Jimin wore a knit sweater from STU (Saturday of Us) for $143 USD. He paired it with $250 USD yellow shorts from the brand Unused. His outfit is accessorized by a pair of canvas Kibby trainers from PS by Paul Smith, which cost $195 USD.

6. V

One of the most economical items on this entire list is V’s summer net cardigan from Common Closet for just $51 USD!

If there was a budget on V’s outfit, most of it was likely spent on accessories! His retro-inspired Manomos sunglasses are nearly $200 USD, and his Prepburg low lace shoes from GANT are $205 USD. His beads objet necklace from LIFUL is, like the sweater, more affordable with a price tag of $40 USD. However, the ethnic Western keychain from Andersson Bell is enough to put you in sticker shock as it’s $109 USD!

7. Jungkook

Jungkook gave us “Euphoria” vibes with this look! He wore a bright yellow patchwork knitted jumper from Raf Simons. It’s the most expensive item on the list as it costs over $1,000 USD, and it’s already sold out!


He paired it with slim-fit blue jeans from Saint Laurent for $690 USD. His deck lace-up Plimsoll shoes are from Alexander McQueen and cost $520 USD.

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