“Our Beloved Summer” had shared moment between Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi!

Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik pretend to act nonchalant about their date in “Our Beloved Summer”. Let’s check more below with us!

SBS’s Our Beloved Summer released stills teasing a change within the relationship between Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi!

Our Beloved Summer is about ex-couple Choi Woong (Choi Woo Shik) and Guk Yeon Soo (Kim Da Mi), whose relationship didn’t endwise good terms. Years later, the documentary they filmed in highschool suddenly gains popularity, and they’re forced to be together before of the camera another time.


In the last episode, Kim Ji Woong (Kim Sung Cheol) forcibly dragged Choi Woong and Guk Yeon Soo on vacation for his or her documentary. the 2 people felt at a loss because they were surrounded by nostalgia within the unfamiliar location. The weather was even as fickle as their emotions, causing Guk Yeon Soo to be stuck sheltering from the unexpected rain. Choi Woong suddenly appeared through the rain, and also the two shared a heart-fluttering kiss.

The newly released stills preview Guk Yeon Soo absorbing Choi Woong’s house sort of a storm. Guk Yeon Soo ignores the nagging from Choi Woong, the flustered owner of the house, and instead works on preparing a meal as if she owns the place. The sudden contrast in their reactions makes viewers interested in what emotional changes the 2 experience after their kiss.

our beloved summer

choi woo shik kim da mi our beloved summer

The last image captures Guk Yeon Soo wearing the couple’s shirt from their time together while Choi Woong looks resigned as he plays a computer game along with her. The couple’s unscheduled home date raises questions on the unpredictable shifts in their relationship.

choi woo shik kim dami

In the upcoming episode, Choi Woong and Guk Yeon Soo will return from the holiday with complicated feelings. Guk Yeon Soo also will feel disappointed with Choi Woong for inexplicable reasons after their kiss. The preview clip for the following episode teased Guk Yeon Soo tearing up as Lee Sol Yi (Park Jin Joo) asks, “Are you acting like this because Choi Woong might say it absolutely was a mistake?” Furthermore, Guk Yeon Soo will visit Choi Woong’s house, asking, “Can I sleep here tonight?”

The production team shared, “Choi Woong’s sudden kiss made Guk Yeon Soo even more confused. Please watch while that specialize in the flow and changes of emotions between Choi Woong and Guk Yeon Soo.”

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