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You must be at home with his face! Yes, the name is On Joo-wan (born Song Jeong-sik on December 11th, 1983) and he’s a South Korean actor who won widespread praise for his leading role within the film The Peter Pan Formula and also appeared in My Mighty Princess, 12 Signs of affection, and also the Five.

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On Joo-wan’s Profile

on joo wan

Born: Song Jeong-sik, December 11th, 1983, Daejeon, South Korea
Other names: Ohn Ju-wan
Education: Seoul Institute of the humanities – Broadcasting
Occupation: Actor
Years active: 2004-present
Agency: SidusHQ

On Joo-wan’s Filmography


on joo wan movie
On Joo Wan in “Honest Candidate”
  • Flying Boys (2004) – Role Lee Chang-seob
  • The Aggressives (2005) – Role Jjaeng
  • The Peter Pan Formula (2005) – Role Kim Han-soo
  • If You Were Me 2 (2006) – Role Employee 
  • The City of Violence (2006) – Role young Tae-su
  • Bloody Tie (2006) – Role Yoo Sung-geun
  • The Cut (2007) – Role Joong-suk
  • My Mighty Princess (2008) – Role Il-young
  • The Taste of Money (2012) – Role Yoon Chul/Charlie
  • Natural Burials – The Movie (2012) – Role Jung-hoon
  • The Five (2013) – Role Oh Jae-wook
  • Obsessed (2014) – Role Kyung Woo-jin
  • Don’t Forget Me (2015) – Role Dong-gun
  • Time Renegade (2015) – Role Teacher Park
  • Honest Candidate (2020) – Role Kim Joon-young

Television Series

on joo wan drama
On Joo Wan in “War of Life”
  • Rustic Period (2002 | SBS) – Role Japanese student 1
  • That Summer’s Typhoon (2005 | SBS) – Role Han Ji-hoon
  • Chosun Police Season 1 (2007 | MBC Dramanet) – Role Kim Kang-woo
  • My Love By My Side (2011 | SBS) – Role Go Seok-bin
  • 12 Signs of Love (2012 | tvN) – Role Cha Jin-oh
  • Natural Burials (2012 | MBN) – Role Jung-hoon
  • The Blade and Petal (2013 | KBS2) – Role Bojang of Goguryeo
  • Drama Special “Illegal Parking” (2014 | KBS2) – Role Noh Jung-do
  • The Idle Mermaid (2014 | tvN) – Role Lee Hyun-myung
  • Punch (2014 | SBS) – Role Lee Ho-sung
  • The Time We Were Not in Love (2015 |SBS) – Role Himself (cameo, episode 2)
  • The Village: Achiara’s Secret (2015 | SBS) – Role Seo Ki-hyun
  • Beautiful Gong Shim (2016 | SBS) – Role Seok Joon-soo
  • Man Who Sets the Table (2017 | MBC) – Role Jung Tae-Yang 
  • The Lies Within (2019 | OCN) – Role Jin Young-min
  • The Penthouse: War in Life 2 (2021 | SBS) Baek Joon-ki (cameo, episode 13 )
  • The Penthouse: War in Life 3 (2021 | SBS) Baek Joon-ki

On Joo-wan and Jo Bo-ah’s Past Relationship

on joo wan jo bo ah

In the past, On Joo-wan was in a very 2-year-long relationship with fellow artist Jo Bo-ah, who also happened to be his co-star within the tvN drama Surplus Princess. After dating for pretty much two years, actor On Joo-wan and Jo Bo-ah confirmed their separation in January 2017. An insider revealed that they began growing distant thanks to the eye of the general public likewise as their busy schedules and within the end decided to part ways.

Both sides admitted to the reports about their break-up. On Joo-wan’s agency, Will Entertainment, confirmed the news of their break-up stating:

“They have recently jerky but we cannot discuss why because that’s a private matter. we are able to confirm however that they’re not a pair and easily colleagues now.”

Jo Bo-ah’s agency, Cydus HQ, also confirmed the news with the same statement: “Jo Bo Ah and On Joo Won have jerky, we cannot disclose when or why thanks to the actual fact that it’s a private matter.”

The two actors met through the tvN drama Surplus Princess in 2014 and had started dating in February 2015. While they were dating, On Joo-wan had uploaded pictures of themselves on Instagram, but now the account appears to possess been deleted.

bo ah joo wan

His Thoughts on Marriage

joo wan marriage

On March 28th, actor On Joo-wan appeared on tvN’s Life Bar with Lee Pil-mo and Seo Hyun-chul.

During the show, On Joo-wan was asked, “Are you thinking of getting married later in life, or are you visiting stay a bachelor?”

The actor answered, “I thought I’d be married by the age of 32. Even now, I actually want to induce married.” he’s currently 37 years old (Korean age).

He continued, “When I used to be in high school, I saw my mother singing to my father and thought, ‘This is that the quiet family life I would like to own.’”

The actor also shared that he wears his heart on his sleeve in romantic relationships. “I don’t find saying ‘I love you’ to be awkward in the least,” he said. “I think that not saying what you are feeling is like killing those words. That’s why I attempt to say ‘I like you’ and ‘you’re pretty’ as often as I can.”

On Joo-wan and Sooyoung’s On-Screen Wedding

joo wan soo young

The MBC Drama Man Who Sets the Table just concluded the romance between SNSD’s Soo-young and On Joo-wan happily after months of airing. The drama tells the story of Lee Roo-ri (Soo-young) who decided to relinquish abreast of getting employment at an outsized company. She then travels abroad and meets Jung Tae-yong (On Joo-wan) who is finally ready to change her life.


Roo-ri and Tae-yong are told to be married within the last episode of Man Who Sets the Table. Following completion, the assembly team released behind-the-scenes photos that were bound to make the audiences swoon. within the photos, On Joo-wan and Soo-young are seen posing and taking a selfie together. they appear comfortable around one another.

Man Who Sets the Table closed the airing period with 18.4 percent rating. The drama is replaced by Rich Family’s Son starring Kim Ji Hoon and Kim Joo Hyun.

On Joo-wan’s Glorious Abs and Shirtless Scenes

On Joo-wan is understood because the “Nude Scene Senior” thanks to the amount of films within which he has shown skin (The Peter Pan Formula, The Five). one among the explanations that he has that nickname is because he has glorious abs and he’s not afraid to indicate them!

In the episode of tvN’s SNL Korea Season 5 which aired on June 14th, 2014, On Joo-wan appeared as a number and he showed his amazing abs to the audiences.

During a bit called “Fugitive,” On Joo-wan played because the fugitive, and Ahn young-mi told him to disguise into Kim Jong-guk, K.Will, and Daesung, who is known to appear alike in appearance. Ahn Young-mi then gave him clothes for disguise and Ohn Joo-wan took off his clothes to induce change.

The audience showed explosive reactions staring at On Joo-wan’s amazing abs. Netizens commented, “On Joo-wan has perfect abs,” “For how long does one must exercise to possess such amazing abs?” and more.

joo wan abs

He also shows his abs in a very shower scene for a drama.

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